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1. Summary of the case study?

In this article, GEICO, the Government Employees Insurance Company, is the third-largest, private passenger auto insurer in the U.S. providing auto coverage to nearly million policy holders, and insuring more than million vehicles. The main objective of this article is – customize their offerings, and demonstrate each offering's unique value. First, they can capitalize on the unavoidable variation in customers' requirements by providing flexible market offerings. Second, they can use value models to demonstrate how a new service they are offering will provide greater value. Third, they can use their knowledge of how their market offerings specifically deliver value to craft persuasive value propositions. And fourth, they can use value models to provide evidence to customers of their accomplishments. GEICO offers a wide variety of products featuring the Gecko and Caveman available to associates and customers. Merchandise includes products in apparel, leisure, sports, home, safety and travel. GEICO distributes GEICO Connection—a quarterly e-mail newsletter— that is designed to help customers get in touch with the company through helpful articles. Auto insurance, as an industry, has perhaps the broadest target audience of any product, and has no niche. Regardless of mood, status, income or location, various types of people drive and hopefully have insurance. Specifically, GEICO targets males and females and appeals to customers with humor and wit. GEICO marketing efforts expanded to combine Internet and customer outreach to attract million policyholders. GEICO is one of today’s most skilled direct marketers. The differences between their approach to direct mail and to other print media provide an object lesson in the relationship between a medium and its message.

2. How GEICO become successful? Do you think they become successful due to their IMC strategies?

GEICO become successful by integrated marketing approach has developed...
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