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F.L Unit Unit 3

By spacer69 Feb 01, 2013 485 Words
1. What character did you choose from the available choices? Why? What are the pros and cons of choosing this character in the game? The character I pick was pat the plastic surgeon because she makes a lot of money the pros are that she makes a lot of money and the cons are that he life is work. 2. What housing and car option did you choose? Why?

I pick the mansion because she makes a lot of money.
3. How much money did you allocate for the character's retirement and paying off debts? Were you successful in management the money so that the character has some disposable income? I allocated 2785 to pay off debts yes I was successful to management the money so that the character has some disposable income 4. How do the changes in the game from year to year reflect real-life economics? Changes in the game from year to year is reflect of real life economies by how money is spend from for thing here and there and you can get in debt 5. What was your ending net worth? How many years can you exist on your current salary with your current salary? My ending net worth was about 22456871135 I think it was that it was about 6 years with the salary of 75000 or something like that. 6. What do you think you did well in the game? What do you think you could improve in regards to managing the character's money? That the end I have no debt I think I did great it no being in debt I could improve is to save more money and not to spend money Play the game again, but using a different character.

7. What character did you choose for the second game? Compare and contrast the situations of the first and second characters. The first time I play tis game I got a debt free at the end of the game and I got to retire in 6 year if I save my money my hole life and the second time I played it 8. How did your strategy differ between the games? Did you change the way that you did anything? I didn’t really had a strategy thought out the game but I thought how it would change the way I look at thing thought out the game 9. Did the differing levels of income, debt, and lifestyle expenses influence the choices that you made? Why or why not? yes the differing levels of income and debt was a influence the choices that I made because of the spend of money and the people who are out there trying to get my money

10. What can you learn from this game about managing your own finances? I learn that everything you do like spending money is finances impact every on a pack of gum.

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