Experiment 5 Solids and Liquids

Topics: Temperature, Gas, Liquid Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Experiment 5
Liquids and Solids

Chemistry 1211 Fall 2012

Section 1: Abstract, Experiment and Observation
Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the boiling point of a liquid and the melting point of a solid. We also were able to observe the difference between boiling and melting point Experiment and Observation: We used isopropyl alcohol and set up an experiment to observe the boiling point. We set up a second experiment using acetamide to determine the melting point of it. We repeated the second experiment two additional times to determine the melting point and get an average. We then determined percent error.

Section 2: Analysis- Calculations, Graphs and Error Analysis •It is important to know the melting points and boiling points because they are physical properties of the object. This means specific compounds have specific melting and boiling points. Therefore you can identify a substance if you determine the melting point and the boiling point. Also you are able to measure the purity of a mixture using melting point tests. •In order to determine the melting point of a substance whose melting point was higher than 100 degrees Celsius you would use oil or glycerol just to achieve a higher temperature so you can run measurements at those high temperatures. Melting point can be measured very precisely at least for pure compounds. •Adding more crystals in the capillary tube would cause there to be errors in the experiment. If too many crystals were added, it would cause the melting point to be too high, or for there to be too wide of a melting point range. •There are several factors that could cause errors to occur while performing this experiment. For instance, most errors come from heating the sample too fast. A heating rate of 1 to 2 degrees per minute is will give good results. If you go any faster than five degrees per minute it will probably yield you poor results. Too much or too little sample...
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