Exam 3 Study Guide

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MIS Exam 3 Study Guide

I. IT Governance and Project Management – CDM, NEU, Brose, Capital One, Choice Point

1. How can we use the Project Life Cycle and the triple constraint triangle to assess a project’s performance?

They had a library of technical best practices from past projects stored in-house. Most employees knew each other Then company grew and a dispatcher emailed engineers and scientist with questions. He was a knowledge-sharing platform. Then it was changed to an intranet of technical disciplines. They also had ways of contacting experts through emails or contact info. CDM then changed to an ERP system and added a decision support platform to assess actual projects outcomes against best practices knowledge to continuously improve.

Project life cycle: It lets reassess the projected solutions and improve it to have more efficient results that best fits the organization. With CDM they changed the way they managed knowledge multiple times. The PLC allowed them to implement a solution that was best for the company at that time. As the company grew they were able to reassess their solutions and change it. Project triple constraint triangle: When CDM had to increase the scope of their knowledge management solution that meant increasing cost (more dispatchers – Intranet – ERP system). Every time they reassessed their problem they had to incur more expenses.

Implemented an ERP system to connect their growing business from acquisitions They were able to collect data about key processes and it helped them learn about weaknesses and improve them like forecasting and long term planning They were able to implement the new system nicely with a consulting team that collaborated with end-users and gave training. They had a pilot approach. First testing new system with one plant and then expanding it to other plants Project life Cycle: The way the project was planned, designed and implemented helped with the success of the ERP system with Brose. They were able to go through all of the PLC steps in the same order as well as in a way that would work for the company Project triple constraint triangle: It is a good way to control a big project that has many features and processes that needs to be considered. It allows setting a plan. If there are any changes done it reminds managers to consider all aspects Capital One

They create new projects based on testing and analyzing a lot of data to create new products/services and enter new markets. They are very innovative and they foster collaboration
Information technology is very important in this firm and highly used.

Choice Point
Hackers entered the system and stole identities of thousands of accounts. They created hotlines, compensations for victims and suffered lawsuits, federal investigations and drop in stock.

2. What challenges does an IT project face and how can such issues/challenges be addressed? (consider different stakeholders)

The risk of the project is a major challenge since some projects can be more risky than others based on the project size, project structure, and level of technical expertise needed by the IS staff and project team The main challenges start at the 4 stages of project management and the activities following up those stages. In addition, aligning the stages to the structure, technology, people and tasks from the business needs to the project. People – business unit and IT staff, project team chart, PMO Process – temporary, event = episode, releases

Technology – tools to record/monitor/track project activities & outcomes

3. How might a company’s IT governance affect the success of that company’s IT services? Companies that work closely with their IT architect will be able to have more successful projects since their input can be valuable and helpful into creating processes and architectures that are more efficient, lean and useful for all parties. With deep...
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