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Topics: Nutrition, Health, Heart Pages: 6 (1960 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Question 1: A reflective account – Compare and contrast your own experience, skills and behaviours with those valued by graduate employers

Question 2: Identify typical graduate selection processes and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in the process of applying for a job The ancients said; “Heaven has endowed me with talents for eventual use”. This is to develop individual character and knowing own strengths and weaknesses. I found myself authenticity, patient, and discipline. My bosses at preview bank, Madam Maria Har, Mabel Foo and Philo Tan; commended that; I was passion, competent, knowledgeable and flexible at work even my current boss, Mr Vincent Tan. However, I might lost focus and sometime emotion, lack of communication with superiors that somehow effected my performance at work. Most of my superiors do not know what had I did and performed due to my low profile and quietness Bosses love to work with me because I seldom border them with problems and issued due to my experiences and flexibilities at work. Knowing what were within the requirement and limitations between organisation and customers. For example, customers might asked for extra mile services by going out to car park for endorsements or witnesses due to physical disable. I would certainly asked for permission and proceeded to help them with sincere. This was my spirits of customer services although I do not required to do so. Other example like promoting of new launch internet banking, I will explained in detail although customers familiar of using internet. However, some features created might not cleared enough in the brochures such as 2FA function, or one time password (OTP). I always take extra step to explain, as well as ways and features using our services. Customers always impressed by my patient and passion at work by written a complementary feedback. Although I am a quiet and low profile person. However, I realised I have a lot of friends especially before New Year period whereby; customers will queue up for new notes exchanged. In ordered to avoid long queue, friends will remembered and started calling me during this period. I always happy to help them and sent the new notes to their door side without asking for token. Although I had left the bank, I still continued to help because some of them are old ages who have difficulties to walk and handicapped. My sincerities and extra mile services wined complementary and rewarded every year as Gold and Platinum services excellent awards by Singapore Excellent Services Awards during working in the bank. Although I received rewards every years. However, human are not perfect. I do have a lot of weaknesses such as lack of communication skills, not focus, too quiet, lack of confident especially during speeches and promote my own abilities. I am discipline and always prepared in advance when there were needs to present ideas or speeches. However, I still nervous and timid even I had did many rehearsals. We went thru a mock interview during these module. Lecturer advised that, I need more practices and rehearsals before I went for interview although I had experiences and confident at work. However, I was not focus and lack of articulated skills. This might be eliminated by interviewer. He shared that, being focus I need to think in the way of this was my last chance or the only job for me. Focus on the requirement and set goal and force myself to achieve it during interview. I always lost focus and capture wrong points in the first place whenever my boss asked to start new projects. These were wasted of time and double works as compare to other who can focus and strived to the point. I need to improve in this areas by observed more on how others can strived the right point at once. Read more articles on how to concentrate and ways by not interrupted by others which I can see my improvement as focus at work and class nowadays....
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