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Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Somnolence Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: August 22, 2013
1. A review of the voyage length
2. Length of port stay
3. Length of service for every crew member.
4. Personnel number
5. Periods of responsibilities
6. Watchkeeping practices

The management should essentially provide clear, concise written policy guidelines to courage that the personnel are familiar with the vessel’s operational procedures, voyage length, destination, internal and external practices, and vessel’s familiarization procedures. Management should see to it that personnel should be fit for duty and be adequately rested before assuming on board duties. Competent is important in the prevention of fatigue. Common myth existed that fatigue could be prevented by characteristics of personality, intelligence, education, training, skill compensation, motivation, physical size, strength, and attractiveness or professionalism.

SLEEP and FATIGUE (condensed from Appendix 41 of STCW 31/7 annex pages 261 to 276)

Sleep loss and sleepiness, including physical, psychomotor, and mental performance can degrade essentially every aspect of human performance. Moods can be affected and attitudes towards risk-taking and safety can change. Sleep is an active process; when we are asleep , we are in an altered state of consciousness. During deepest sleep, if awaken from it, we are likely feel groggy and disoriented and suffer from sleep inertia, a conditioned of impaired functioning which can last for 10 minutes or as long as one hour. Everyone’s quantity of sleep needs is unique. However 90% of population needs between 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep in 24-hour period. Alertness and performance are directly related to quantity of sleep. An acute sleep loss result when one is awake without sleep beyond the normal 14 to 16 hours waking day. The longer one is awake, the greater affect of performance. Once sleep debts and fatigue builds, only sleep can restore or maintain performance level . a person deprived of sleep over an extended periods such as...
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