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This morning I’m going to talk about the missions of the Coast Guard and how this small organization does so much for the people and industry in the United States. *
* (Connective) Let’s Start off with the motto of the Coast Guard. I)The motto of the Coast Guard is:
Semper Paratus, Latin for "Always Ready."

A) Always Ready for all hazards and Always Ready for all threats. B) To:
* Protect the maritime economy and the environment
* Defend our maritime borders and
* Save those in peril.

(Connective) Let’s break these three broad mission categories into the 11 missions that the Coast Guard by law,Title 14 of the US Code, is tasked with and see how they are related in out daily lives.

II)The 11 Missions are:
A)Ports, Waterways and Costal Security (PWCS)
1) The PWCS mission entails the protection of the U.S. Maritime Domain and the U.S. Marine Transportation System (MTS) and those who live, work or recreate near them.

2) The July 2005 terrorist bombings in London highlighted the need to protect U.S. Mass Transit Systems (MTS), including ferries.   Later, the effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita highlighted the criticality of preparedness for recovery of the MTS following a large-scale disaster and in 2008 the terrorist attack via the maritime domain against Mumbai, India, highlighted the tie between border security and PWCS.

3) How many of you know what you were doing during the 9/11 attack? I was on a cruise ship going to Alaska and was quite relieved when I saw that a U.S Coast Guard Cutter was providing us with a protection escort.

B)Drug Interdiction
1) The Coast Guard's mission is to reduce the supply of drugs by denying smugglers the use of air and maritime routes in the Transit Zone, a six million square mile area, including the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific. In 2002 the Coast Guard’s cocaine seizures alone estimated a value of approximately $3.9 billion (CG website) and in 2011, 166,000 pounds of cocaine bound toward the U.S. was confiscated. (HS White Papers)

2) In the Dec 9th 2012 issue of the New York Times reported that there was and increase in smuggling off of the Coast of California, more than 200 smuggling vessels were spotted by American Law enforcement. Admiral Schultz of the Coast Guard said “surveillance aircraft have detected smuggling vessels up to 100 miles offshore and in the last two years, smugglers have been arrested along remote stretches of beach on California's Central Coast, more than 300 miles north of the border. “

C)Aids to Navigation
1) Those buoys that mark a safe channel, the charts mariners use, the radio frequencies mariners talk on that’s all the responsibility of the Coast Guard. Many of those buoys do more than just mark the channel, some are used to gather weather data and transmit the information to mariners and meteorologist.

D)Search and Rescue
1) Commonly known as SAR is one of the Coast Guard's oldest missions. During Katrina the Coast Guard deployed 62 aircraft, 30 cutters and 111 boats for rescue operations and saved more than 33,000 lives. In 2011 the Coast Guard responded to 20,510 Search and Rescue cases and saved over 3,800 lives.

E)Living Marine Resources
1) The Coast Guard works closely with the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to provide the protection needed to protect marine endanger species

F)Marine Safety
1) In 2011 the Coast Guard conducted:
* 10,400 annual inspections on U.S. flag vessels.
* Over 9,500 Port State Control safety and environmental exams on foreign vessels entering U.S. ports. * Over 6,200 Marine Casualty investigations, including over 4,200 marine casualties for vessels and more than 1,200 investigations for pollution from vessels. * Over 46,000 recreational vessel boardings, issuing over 8,000 citations, and visited 1,150 recreational boat manufacturers in ensure...

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