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Recommendation how to improve the e - tourism in Malaysia

The first step in putting Malaysia on the map is to open up more channels for others to get know the beautiful country. More dynamic steps need to be taken by the government to showcase Malaysia to other foreign countries. The internet could be used to reach numerous target groups from all over the world. It could help to introduce the many different products and attractions that are offered, to whet the appetites of tourists, which will ultimately spur them on to come and visit our country. Special websites could be set up with the sole purpose of informing about what our country has to offer and very soon we would see that all eyes would be on Malaysia. The use of technology in promoting tourism has been identified worldwide as a key factor in boosting national economies. In Malaysia, tourism incomes represent the second hard currency source in the country. By year 2010, Malaysia is looking forward to receiving 10.000.000 tourists. This assumes a huge infrastructure to be developed not only in terms of hotels, restaurants, museums, animation, highways, but also in terms of telecommunication and information systems facilities. These facilities can be used in the transmitting countries to market and promote Malaysia, and inside Malaysia to provide tourists with a variety of information that they may need in order to better explore the country and know about his rich. In order to contribute in this national challenge the e-Technology lab’s research team of Alakhawayn University in Ifrane is developing the e-Tourism project, which aims at providing the Malaysia market with a set of multi-lingual and multi-platform software tools to render a variety of services such as cities’map visualisation, landmarks identification, SOS support, tracking, etc. to tourists in big cities and remote regions of Malaysia. The e-Tourism package contains 3 main applications: 1. The Tourist Information Desktop (TID) is a...
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