The Role and Contribution of Malaysians in the International and Malaysian Stage

Topics: Fashion design, Marc Jacobs, Florence Pages: 5 (1701 words) Published: September 10, 2007

In recent years, Malaysia was a hit issue and has become famous in world wide. Of course, this is not only because of our economies become stronger than past times, But because of the contribution of Malaysian in the international stage that has proved how well of the success of Malaysia. We have international singers, fashion designers, professionals and successful entrepreneurs, such as Citi Norhalizah, Zang Toi, our previous Prime Minister---Dato Sri Dr Mahathir, Lim Kong Tong who are the famous and successful people that can influence the image of Malaysia in the international stage.

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate and explain the role and contribution of Malaysians in international and Malaysia stage. We had decided to choose one of the famous fashion designers in the world that is Zang Toi. We choose Zang Toi as ours topic of this assignment because he is one of the top people in the fashion designer industry and he had contributed to Malaysia and benefited Malaysian.


Zang Toi was born in Kuala Krai, Kelantan, on June 11, 1961 from a seven-sibling family; he is the youngest son in the family. His parents were owners of a grocery store. Toi's secondary school years were spent at SM Abdul Samad in Petaling Jaya where he contemplated becoming a painter, interior designer or architect before becoming interested with fashion design. He left his native Malaysia at the age of eighteen, and via Toronto, landed in New York at age of nineteen. There he attended Parsons School of Design and worked as a part-time assistant to the designer Mary Jane Marcasiano and Ronaldus Shamask.

When graduation from Parsons School of Design, Toi became the top assistant to Marcasiano, he treating her business as if his own and acquiring business acumen not only of fashion design but also of the production side of the business. After 4 years of apprenticeship, he finally opened his own fashion house in year of 1989 in United States.


Zang Toi was in New York since he was eighteen years old. He can be treated as a brave and ambitious man as Malaysia at that time was still not a very popular in design industry. He was graduated from Parsons School of Design which is located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. Later, he apprenticed with Mary Jane Marcasiano and Ronaldus Shamask. After four years of apprenticeship, Zang Toi was come out a series of modest collection of bright sarongs, strong suits and regal dresses, he opened his first own workshop in 1989 till today he is known as a color ardentist; a designer whose command of vivid hues is natural and easy, sophisticated and sensuality. Furthermore Zang Toi has helped to lead to the forward era of contemporary late 90's design with his trademark colors and his timeless styling. His creations has pamper today's woman with an uncompromising, style, glamour and romance. In the 1991, Zang Toi won of the Mouton- Cadet Young Designers Award, which was established by Baroness Philippine De Rothschild to recognize new talent, and that year he was 29 years old. To compete, designers must have been in business no more than three years, and must have shown a collection in the past years. The runners-up were Pamela Dennis, C. D. Greene, Gemma Kahng, Michael Leva, Chritian Francis Roth and John Scher. The award -- an inscribed crystal Lalique plate -- was presented to Mr. Toi by the baroness on Thursday night after a showing of 10 designs by each finalist at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His winning styles included a red denim jacket worn with a miniskirt made of a traditional Malaysian batik, neat linen luncheon suits, and glamorous evening suits of pastel faille and lace. In recent years, Zang Toi won most awards of distinction was presented by Mark Green, the Public Advocate for New York City, for his artistic contributions and achievements. This award is given to foreign individuals who have...
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