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Entrepreneurial efforts are like biological experiments in nature: Many variations are tried, but only a small percentage of those go on to thrive. Determinants of Entrepreneurial Success:
One can take existing ideas and make small improvements upon them. By accumulating your ideas, you will be able to distil the great ones from the rest and be ready to run with the best.

2.Risk Tolerance
Rewards rarely come without risk. Your ability to take advantage of an opportunity will depend, in part, on your tolerance for risk.

Opportunity can leave quickly. The ability to respond to the market and new business opportunities can be the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a failed business model.

Leaders are challenged with taking possibilities and turning them into inspiring visions for others. Leadership can come in many forms, but it is nevertheless essential to entrepreneurship.

Influencers of Entrepreneurship:
1.Economic Environment:
One of the most important factors affecting entrepreneurship is economic environment. It comprises of capital, labour, raw material and market demand. 2. Social Environment:
The social setting in which the people grow, shapes their basic beliefs, values and norms. Social Mobility - Degree of social and geographical mobility and the nature of mobility channels within a system. Social Marginality - Refers to a state of being excluded from social activity as an "outsider."

3.Psychological Factor:
Achievements drive entrepreneurs to overcome challenges. The personal characteristics are major determinants of entrepreneurship development. People with high achievement motivation work for status, take responsibility for decision and take moderate risk.

4.Attitude of Government:
Government all over the world can play a very important role in the emergence of entrepreneurship. The government regulates business activities. It’s policies are going to...
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