Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Youth in India

Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: August 23, 2010

The dimension of the entrepreneurship is changing not from its perceptive form today environment but also from its origin. The lusts of entrepreneurship in rural and urban areas are different. The think tank has to continuously surrogate the aim of the entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship is taking its toll not only from the customers' side or from the desi companies or from the unemployed youth, or from the nation but also from the lack of resources and skill and from the brain drain. The government and the non-government organizations and academicians are in favor to enhance the skill and the quality of the entrepreneurship in our country. The solutions to this problem can be easily made if positive attitude and the tilt for entrepreneurship from us can be enchanted. Acknowledgement of the entrepreneurial work has to be lauded form the surroundings and the family and the organization where they work and should be allowed to perform the sill of the innovation and creation in entrepreneurship. The true colors of Entrepreneurship are here:

* Capture and share best practices (77.7%)
* Provide training, corporate learning (62.4%)
* Manage customer relationships (58.0%)
* Deliver competitive intelligence (55.7%)
* Provide project workspace (31.4%)
* Manage legal, intellectual property (31.4%)
* Enhance supply chain management (20.1%)
* Other (5.5%)

There has been a sizzling opportunity in the corporate with very lucrative perquisite which is being driven away in case of the youth not opting for Entrepreneurship. So what are those entry barriers in Entrepreneurship which are becoming the bottleneck in root cause of entrepreneurship development. •Perception of youth towards Entrepreneurship as career option. •Lack of policy framework and strategy to create enabling environment for entrepreneurship •Lack of financial help and moral suasion.

Now the big question is that how the 16 millions youth can be...
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