E-Commerce Threats

Topics: Petroleum, Letter of credit, Commodity market Pages: 10 (3530 words) Published: July 25, 2008
E-Commerce Risks and threats

Dear Buyer/Broker/Trader,

We know how difficult it is to be successful in a campaign against Time wasting and Fraudster Commodity Sellers, of which the internet is full. We have created our service company to fight such dangerous organizations because too many brokers, with family and children to feed, waste several months (some even years) chasing just Fake sellers and never understand the risk involved in being an accessory to a fraud.

Please, consider how many Commodities offers with price CIF ASWP basis you followed (that means: CIF to Any Safe World Ports).

This selling condition is merely a ridiculous condition, as it doesn't exist in the REAL commodity market. Please allow yourself to consider how the shipping cost can be the same if the port of destination is Australia instead Africa? Open your eyes!! The shipping service is not for free, as it's one of the MOST important expense items for selling commodities...

Wake up Broker and fight with us against such a timewaster/dreamer/fraudster! Those fake offers are issued from IMPROVISED COMPANIES selling Commodities with such fictitious conditions with the sole purpose to obtain Buyers Pre-Advice Letter of Credits (L/C) easily and faster. Why, after opening Pre-Advice L/C by the Buyer, does the Seller's Performance Bond never arrive? Answer:

Because the smart Seller already got his goal, obtaining a loan of 10-15% exploiting Buyer's Pre-Advice L/C as a guarantee. For that matter the FBI and police agencies worldwide have people assigned to combat those Commodities millionaire frauds by constantly checking the web and thousand of email addresses. Another example: Why do sellers over the Internet never send their past records? Why they always declare: after Buyer's Letter of Intent (LOI) and Bank Comfort letter (BCL), all the documents will be available (but the docs never arrive ….).

Why do they ask for Transferable L/C ? Please consider this matter carefully. We strongly advice: Never to open a Pre-Advice Transferable L/C to anyone. Never! This is the best advice we can offer you.

Furthermore: Never accept or sign contract providing Proof of Product (POP) showed only on a Bank to Bank basis. That is another INEXISTANT selling condition invented by improvised Sellers/Traders to get in advance Buyer’s L/C without showing the Proof of Product existence (because they have nothing !!). If you are lucky they will fraud people around the world with Buyer’s Pre-Advice Letters of Credit. Remember: The POP must be issued BEFORE the Buyer’s financial instruments and never be issued from the Seller as anyone can write a POP declaration on fake letterhead (!!!). The POP must be issued from independent company, such as SGS, after they have checked and “sealed” the products in the factory. Always ask for past Bill of Ladings (B/L), if the Seller is a fake one, it will reply: “I’m in Commodity Trading since many years, I’m very close to the Factory/Producer (or: I’m their Seller Mandate), I’ve already delivered thousand of thousand Metric Tons but, believe me, I cannot send any past records as those documents are confidential”. ANOTHER LIE !

The B/L is a public document (read below the BILL OF LADING CHECKING SERVICE article). The only truth is that he has never sold 1Kg of product in his life as serious and "genuine" Seller/Trader/Brokers can send you “immediately” all the information you need, before starting negotiations (their customer list included). Dear friend, don't waste your time chasing such Internet unknown Commodity Sellers (self called Trading Company, Seller Mandate, Gov. Agency, Experienced Broker, etc), you are running the risk of being implicated in a millionaire fraud and losing “every time” your hard-earned commission.

All our Suppliers financial highlights and full Company information are available (confirmed by Standard & Poor's and immediately downloadable from the web) as all our Sellers are...
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