Dubai Port Case

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Table of Content

1.0 Introduction1
2.0 Shipping industry overview1
3.0 Dubai Port Authority Overview2
4.0 Situation faced by The Dubai Ports Authority3
4.1 Manifest and Documentation system3
4.2 Risk for the Manifest and Documentation System 4
4.3 Developing the new system:5
5.0 Conclusion5
6.0 Reference6
1.0 Introduction
This report is intended to provide a briefing on the DPA (Dubai Port Authority), I will attempt to talk about the overview of shipping industry; the internal/external players in the DPA networks. And the situation they faced about the problem of manifest as well as Manifest and Documentation System project.

Dubai Port Authority is a holding company owned by the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. There service contains of Container Cargo, General Cargo, Bulk Cargo, Reefer Facility, Commercial Trucking, Ferry Terminal, Cruise Terminal, Tanker Facility, Container Repairs, Sea-Air Cargo and Long Term Vessel Lay-by. 2.0 Shipping industry overview

Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Without shipping the import and export of goods on the scale necessary for the modern world would not be possible. The international shipping industry transported 6.2 billion tones of cargo in 2003, with a fleet of 26,280 deep sea cargo ships. Poor and inefficient port handling services have become one of the main causes of inefficient logistics in shipping industry. Such as poor communication, inaccurate paperwork, or inefficient port operation, upset shipping lines greatly. 3.0 Dubai Port Authority Overview

Values of Dubai Ports Authority

Commitment to our people and our customers
Profitable global growth
Responsible corporate and personal behavior

Dubai Ports Authority, which operates Port Rashid and Jebel Ali port, the biggest man made port in the world, won two top awards for the Middle East region as the Best Seaport and the Best Container Terminal Operator at the Thirteenth Asian Freight Industry Awards for 1999. DPA facilities have a total of 102 deepwater berths, 23 container gantry cranes and four Super Post Panamax cranes, covering 10 container terminal berths. More than 100 shipping lines are served by DPA.

DPA - the port authority of Dubai port. Controlling all the daily service of Dubai port including storage, operation, feed back information, excellent infrastructure and so on. Normally DPA is a receiver of benefit through charging merchants or shipping lines for cargo storage, cargo movement within the port based on the information on the BoE(bill of entry) generated by customs or a delivery order issued by discharge agent.

4.0 Situation faced by The Dubai Ports Authority
The Dubai Ports Authority (DPA) wishes to digitize many of the documents it shares with its external partners, including shipping lines and agents, merchants, and the country's customs authority. DPA also wishes to automate the many document transmissions related to ships' manifests. At the time of the case, the worldwide shipping industry is characterized by low levels of automation, a proliferation of incompatible data standards, and many independent players. All of these factors complicate digitization efforts. DPA decides to write its manifest documentation system itself and must make several other decisions related to system implementation and rollout.

The Dubai Ports Authority focuses on staying one step ahead of competition by satisfying consumer needs. This is achieved through a dual strategy of investing in the latest IT systems, in the state-of-the-art port handling equipment and upgrading the IT system of service to the customers. DPA has invested in the most advanced cranes in the world. 4.1 Manifest and Documentation system

To keep abreast of the latest global trends in electronic data interchange, DPA has pioneered an electronic manifest system — working with the shipping fraternity and related government departments, DPA...
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