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A1. Viability of the product of service that the business offers in an online environment. Going online with this type of business allows doors to open to possible customers who wouldn’t otherwise have knowledge of its existence. The type of service that this business offers is usually searched once due to the nature of the expected outcome. When looking for a home, expected buyers look for the one that fits all of their requirements. Most home shoppers have a realtor working with them to find the perfect fit. They may even have a website set up for them where their realtor will ask them to fill out a questionnaire that will give him/her a better idea as to what is really desired in their future home. It’s the same when someone is looking for a home to place their loved ones. Your hopes are to find the perfect fit the first time. For some, there isn’t much joy or comfort of going into a Long Term Care facility, no matter how luxurious the accommodations. This process can be very stressful, but by searching for the right accommodations online in the privacy of your own home, the transition can be made a lot easier. By being online, the prospected customers that actually come in for a scheduled tour will already have the necessary information ready as well as important questions. The customer base is very limited for a company like this when the only advertisement that is available is that of a street sign, newspaper articles, and even a possible commercial. There are problems with these routes of advertisement. How does one make a street sign attractive for a long term care home? When the sign is noticed, it’s by people who are driving and the really isn’t much as far as picture that could really draw someone in. Newspapers use to be the

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excitement of the day. To wake up in the morning and grab the paper with a fresh cup of coffee was the American stereotype. Now news is spread as it happens. The internet leaks the latest bit of happenings every second. No one really wants to wait till the next day to find out what happened yesterday. Another form of advertisement is the television. This has been the forefront for advertisement, but the expense of a 60-90 second commercial could not be covered by this type of business. There are a lot of costly expenses that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with the types of payment methods that will come into play by future clients. Being online is gives more 24/7 advertisement. If the sight is set up properly, with the right key words for searching, this sight could pop up every time. A2. Current Online Competitor Assessment

When evaluating the competition, it’s necessary to examine similar characteristics that relate to what your business has to offer. Most Adult foster care/Long term care facilities have the same type of staff on hand. Some examples of this would be the home manager, licensed care givers (certified nurse’s aide), Financial Administrator, and a Director of Nursing (D.O.N). Where Peaceful Livings Adult Foster Care Home differs, is that all of these positions, are held by people who are related. This is where Peaceful Livings AFC stands out from just being a business like its competitors. Some say that working with family could be risky, but the fact that this business has been in operation for more than a decade, should speak to the fact that some stereo types can be proven wrong. Because it is ran by family, each person on staff realizes that their lively hood is dependent somewhat on the other person. Where cross-

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training can be done between selected positions, it is done for more complete knowledge of running this type of operation. The second component of this type of business is how the medical welfare is managed for each client. Most facilities have a doctor who comes and sign medical records as a formality and...
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