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Topics: Thought, Mind, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (485 words) Published: October 11, 2014
Who has manipulated my mind in relation to reality? I believe that society has manipulated my mind in relation to reality in some way because I think that reality is just a state of mind. The physical aspect of the things I can see, touch, taste, etc. make me believe that everything I encounter is factual. Also society says to believe only what you believe to be real and don’t believe in fantasy because you have no physical connections to imagination.

How can I break free from the bonds of those who seek to manipulate me? I can break free the bonds of those who seek to manipulate me by choosing what to believe and to have an open mind when using critical thinking. I can use my logic when it relate how I receive information by make choose whether to let negative energy in my life affect me or choose to overcome it decide how I’m going to reaction to the situation. I believe that sometimes if people actually took the time think about things before they reacted on pure emotion then they can see that taking a few seconds think any negativity in their life they choose how they should react. An example when I’m driving and somebody cuts me off naturally I’m upset and wondering why this person would do something like. In some cases I want to speed next to the person in engage in an offensive gesture or go on verbal rant at that person but I usually take a second to think about it and realize maybe this person is in hurry or not pay attention while driving. By me choosing to restrain from getting in a road rage battle with that driver chose to the better person because at the end of the day we both are just trying to get to or destination.

What preconceptions do I have in my life that might distort my vision of reality? The preconceptions that I have in my life that distorted my vision of reality is that all people are decent and kind. As a kid growing up I believe that all people were decent and kind because society was more civilized and simple. Now that I’m a...
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