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B. First Try at Governing Documents

Why was such a system of government enacted in the post-revolutionary era?
Such a system of government was enacted post-revolutionary era because the Confederacy needed a set of rules and regulations. The Articles of Confederation laid out the rules of congress and how it should act.

How were the Articles of Confederation different than the U.S. Constitution?
The Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution differ in several ways. The U.S. Constitution created a court system which did not exist in the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution also gave the federal government more power, that way it could successfully function. These changes were important because if they weren’t done, our founding country probably would have failed, and we would not have the country we know today.

Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced with the Constitution so quickly?
After little time, it became clear that the Articles of Confederation would not work to keep the nation united. So, they had to act quickly to replace the Articles of Confederation, so their country would not fail. Under the Articles of Confederation there was no separation of powers, and if they did not change this, someone could manipulate their political standing and take over. Also, the central government was too weak under the Articles.

C: Who Exactly Are "The People?"

Was it a conscious decision at the Constitutional Convention to exclude certain groups of individuals?
Yes, it was a conscious decision to leave out certain groups because in 1787 they may not have had any rights, or were not considered important. For example, Negros were excluded because they were viewed as property, not people.

If so, why did this occur? Who was left out?
Negros were left out as well as indentured servants and natives. This occurred because they were viewed as property and were not considered significant.

What attempts have been made...
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