Diana in the Docks

Topics: Human rights, Question, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 4 (721 words) Published: October 16, 2012

Prosecutor: Princess Diana was the prosecutor. She was arguing that her privacy had been breached when Bryce Taylor, the manager at her gym, set up a camera in the ceiling and took photos of her using the leg press and sold the photos to the Mirror.  Defendant: Bryce Taylor was the defendant. He was in fact being represented by Geoffrey Robertson himself. Robertson was assigned y the court to be Taylor’s lawyer to try and make sure the trial was as fair as possible. 

Robertson believed that the gym was as public as could be and that anyone could have taken photos from outside the street, so what difference did it make that they were taken inside the gym.  “LA Fitness (the gym) comprised one giant room… so that everybody

could see everybody else. The leg-press machine that Diana used was in front of a vast glass wall looking onto a public thoroughfare… she had not objected when children pressed their noses to the glass and exclaimed, ‘Look at the Princess of Wales!’” 

On the other hand, he raised the point that she could have been entitled to at least a little bit of privacy, that the manager “owed Diana some measures of consideration”.

Robertson argued that Diana was mostly to blame for the potential breach in privacy and should have been more careful with her action and known that she would not have privacy in such a public place.. Many people saw her there everyday, so what difference did it make if the images of her working out were frozen and replicated in a newspaper.  “Offering her honorary membership… by saving 500 pounds/year

she weakened her claim that he owed her confidentiality, because she had not paid for any.”  “She acquired no enforceable rights against covert photography. The Mirror had depicted what dozens of members had seen with their own eyes, and what children has seen when they gawked through the window.”

Robertson explains how Taylor sought advice before taking the photos so he could be sure...
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