Cyber Cafe Network Solution

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Cyber Café Network Solution

1. Introduction
Cyber Café Network Solution 1 Since the emergence of the first cyber café in the early 1990s, cyber cafes have become very popular worldwide. In cyber cafes, people can enjoy entertainment, conveniently communicate with each other, and get the latest information from the world. Cyber cafes use different operation modes and various services. Users in cyber cafes can access Internet services, video chat with friends, play network games, watch films and TV shows, and send and receive email. Recent years have seen the emergence of cyber café chains and intelligent cyber cafés that provide differentiated services, such as business and VIP services. As laws and regulations are increasingly strengthened, cyber cafes will develop positively.

2. Challenges in Cyber Café Network Operation
As competition between cyber cafes increases, user experience, differentiated services, operational costs, network stability, performance, and maintenance and management are key factors that affect cyber café survival. Therefore, building a stable, secure, reliable, and cost-efficient cyber café network with simple maintenance and management is a must.

Network security
Network security is critical for a cyber café. Any program that a user downloads may potentially be infected with a virus. If cyber café servers are attacked by hackers, user accounts may be compromised and data may be tampered with by unauthorized users. The entire cyber café network may even fail.

Network stability
Network access is critical to the business of a cyber café. Any interruption in service will result in lost business. Stability of the network is critical for a cyber café.

Network operation and maintenance
Cyber Café Network Solution A cyber café network consists of network devices, such as switches and routers, servers, PCs, video devices, and software. It is difficult to maintain and manage all these different devices. Because a cyber café is short of skilled network operation and maintenance personnel, preventing potential risks and take precautionary measures are difficult. Usually, the cyber café network administrator troubleshoots faults only after a network device fails. It can take several hours for the fault to be rectified and for services to return to normal, causing user loss and affecting business operations. The cyber café network should be easy to deploy, configure and maintain so that skilled network operation and maintenance personnel are not required.


Network broadband
The network of a typical cyber café can be carrying a wide variety of services including streaming video and audio, network games, video chat, and download and search services. If network bandwidth is insufficient, pages load slowly, pictures are displayed slowly, video playback is not smooth and voice services are delayed. Cyber cafés need to actively manage bandwidth to make full use of what they have available.

3. Huawei Cyber Café Network Solution
3.1 Solution Description
Based on the findings of market research performed on cyber café services, Huawei uses a three-layer architecture: egress router, core switch, and access layer. ISP 2 ISP 1

Server area


Egress router Core layer

AR3200/2200/ 1200 series S7700/5700 series

XX area

Cyber Café Network Solution

NMS, monitoring, video, game, accounting, and log servers


Film and TV area

Video area

Game area
S2700/1700 series

Business area

Common area
WA600 series


Wire-speed forwarding

High speed

Wird and wireless coverage, and QoS

Refined bandwidth management

Egress router
The router is the network egress. It is connected to the ISP network and core switch. A 10/100M leased link is used between the egress router and the ISP network. The egress router must provide security, NAT, and good forwarding performance. Huawei AR3200/2200/1200 routers are recommended. various service requirements....
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