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Topics: Capital punishment, United States, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Specific Evidence from the Article
That summarizes KEY FACTS and
supports my analysis of theme
Analysis of why the event is important and the possible outcome Social Inequalities
(Deals with the massive amount of the death penalty within China, and how it decreased in the former years.) East Asia

China is known as the World’s Chief Executioner. Last year alone, 3,000 people we executed in China, quadruple the amount of the world executions together. Xiao Yang, President of the Supreme People’s Court during 1998-2008, was against capital punishment, and urged to handle cases in a professional way; by winning a change in law that all capital cases must be reviewed by the highest court, located in Beijing. Ever since the death penalty has been reduced, but again China is still the leading country when it comes to executions.

ed. "The Death Penalty Strike Less Hard." The Economist. N.p., 03 Aug 2013. Web. 7 Aug 2013. . Its amazing how one person can minimize the substantial amount of the death penalty. How could people just be harsh enough to give someone capital punishments for petty crimes like drug charges? What if a person was punished for a crime they didn’t commit? Moreover, innocent people would receive a capital punishment. Where is the justice in this? Religious Conflict

(Relates to fears of terrorist attacks as the mark of the end of a religious month is approaching.) Middle East
The uttermost level of security in Yemen is being quite vigilant because an Al Qaeda terror conspiracy that was discovered. The government troops found the devised scheme last week. The plot was accommodated towards attacking the countries imperative oil infrastructure. Everyone is anxious and petrified mark the end of as Ramadan, Muslim holy month, and the 15th anniversary of Al Qaeda, horrific terrorist attack, approaches. Because fear of terrorist attacks happening again.

Williams, Carol, and Zaid Al-Alayaa. "Extreme security in Yemen after...
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