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Topics: Police, Constable, Discrimination Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Ashley Raynor
MGMT 4952 – Section 601
Current Event Paper
Due Date: 9/21/14

I read an article on Wall Street Journal about the Justice Department investigating the police force in Ferguson, Missouri. They suspect possible misconduct or discrimination against the 18-year-old, Michael Brown, who was shot by one of Ferguson’s Police officer, Darren Wilson. There is still question to whether the officer is charged or not. Ferguson and surrounding areas will be analyzed on their police training and policies. The Ferguson police force welcomes the investigation and analyzing so that they can improve in any way they need to serve the community better. Further investigation in this will help ease the Ferguson community and feel like they can trust their local police force. If there were not any more investigation, this would cause a lot of uneasiness upon the people of Ferguson. They expect thorough investigation to be done so that they know for sure what really happened and if the Ferguson police force is actually discriminating against the minorities in their community or not. The police force may be at fault for approaching situations the wrong way and coming off as discriminating with the community members.

Whether or not the Ferguson police force is at fault or not, I do believe it is necessary for the Justice Department to look further into the situation. This will please the people who feel they did wrong and will either solve the problem or prove there is not one. The protestors in Ferguson just want to see justice. In their eyes, the Ferguson police force did wrong and they believe further investigation will prove that. Many have spoken out about discrimination they have faced by some of the Ferguson police officers. Until they feel that justice is served, they will continue to fight for what they believe. They feel they are sometimes mistreated and they feel it is because of the color of their skin. The Justice Department will evaluate this...
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