Cultural Revitalization

Topics: Inuit, Nunavut, Inuktitut Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Your Task
Make sure you have read pages 58, 60-62 and 96-97.
Review the definition of “cultural revitalization” in your seminar notes. Choose ONE of the three case studies provided and complete the attached chart in bullet form. Use internet research, your textbook and links provided to find the required information.

CASE STUDY #1 – Nunavut – efforts to revitalize Inuit language and culture Tusaalanga (Inuit language learning) Pirurvik Centre (explore the different programs they have to revitalize Inuit culture) Nunavut’s battle to preserve Inuit languages (Toronto Star article) Inuktitut computer games (Kativik School Board)

CASE STUDY #2 – Canada – efforts to revitalize Metis language and culture Learn Michif (Metis Nation BC) Metis Cultural and Heritage Resource Centre (Manitoba) BC Metis Summer of Culture Metis Nation of Alberta (explore the website to see what they do to promote Metis identity) Gabriel Dumont Institute, Saskatchewan Batoche - Metis National Anthem

CASE STUDY #3 – British Columbia – efforts to revitalize the Haida Nation language and culture Project Gwaii Council of the Haida Nation Raven Calling Productions Traditional Haida Story from Haidawood Project (stop-motion, with sub-titles) Haida...
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