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Topics: Alcohol abuse, Drinking culture, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Writing Assignment: Week 2

Preview the Seaman reading assignment: The title of the article is “How Bingeing Became the New College Sport” written by Barrett Seaman, published on 8/29/2005 by Time International (Canada Edition). I feel that this article is going to be an opinionated paper on college binge drinking and how it has spiraled out of control.

Skim the reading: The author talks about pregaming and describes what it is. According to the author, pregaming involves sitting in a dorm room or off-campus apartment and drinking as much liquor as possible before heading out to a party. The author also talks about how the laws should be changed in order to stop underage drinkers from getting their hands on alcohol.

Consider your own experience: I have many young cousins who have recently started going to college. My cousin who attends Ball State University was hospitalized two years ago for binge drinking. His friends realized something was wrong when he started vomiting and eventually he became unconscious. He was rushed to the ER and they had to pump his stomach by flushing fluids through a tube that was inserted into his mouth. After he recovered he was sick for a few days. It’s sad to say that even though this was a horrible experience for him, it had an impact on his life. Since this incident he has never picked up another drink. I guess it was a hard lesson learned but he learned a valuable lesson.

Summarize: In this article the author talks about a new sport college students are partaking in. Pregaming, this is when college students who are underaged sit in their rooms and consumes massive amounts of alcohol while getting ready to attend a party. Universities have reported numerous students who have been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning due to pregaming. This article also talks about how and when alcohol became so popular amongst college students. I the 60’s the legal age for purchasing alcohol was 18. In 1984 the congress hiked the...
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