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COURSE TITLE:Finishing Course for Call Center Agents



A.Course Description

This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a Contact Center Representative in accordance with industry standards. It covers core competencies such as: Communicating Effectively in a Contact Center, and being able to Render Quality Customer Service to Contact Center Customers.

B.Course Outcomes

It is expected that at the end of this course, the trainees/students are able to:

1. Analyze the communication processes

2. Communicate and listen actively

3. Use communication cues

4. Communicate electronically in writing

5. Identify and explain products and services being marketed

6. Gather and assess information related to customer queries about products and services, using active listening and communication skills

7. Provide assistance to customers according to their requirement on products and services

8. Provide after sales support service

C.Course Outline and Timeframe


D.Course Requirements

1. Participation: The following components will constitute the grading process: attendance, quality of class participation, contribution of resources or information (articles, learning materials, websites, etc.), and collaboration with other class/training participants.

2. Presentation/Report: Trainee/student will submit a report (not exceeding 3 pages), covering topics assigned by the instructor. A minimum of one report will be assigned every class/training session. Trainee/student will be tasked to make a brief oral presentation on the class/training date scheduled for the presentation.

3. Call Simulation: Trainee/student will be tasked to handle a mock call presentation of the products and services of his/her own choice. The pre-mock call requisite is a submission of the products and services sales presentation script.

E.Performance Assessment


Class Presentation/Report20%

Call Simulation40%
Total 100%

F.Classroom Policies

1. All written report/work is to be submitted in letter size paper, single-space, Times New Roman font 12, on date specified by instructor.

2. Trainee/student with cumulative absence of 10 training/class hours will be automatically dropped from the list of enrollees.

Welcome to the Finishing Course for Call Center Agents
By: Global eBusiness Outsourcing, Inc.

Global eBusiness Outsource, Inc./Penthouse West City Plaza, 66 West Avenue, Quezon City Global eBusiness Outsourcing, Inc.

Our Vision:


Our Mission:

To be instrumental in the Nation Building of our country, thru people empowerment and sustainable development. To provide training for Filipino workers, with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to be utilized in the BPO Industry employment, thereby promoting economic sustainability and productivity, and thus contributing to the country’s social and economic progress and over-all growth as a nation.

Finishing Course for Call Center Agents

This is a 100-hour course designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a Contact Center Representative in accordance with industry standards. Covering core competencies such as:
▪ Communicating Effectively in a Customer Contact Center...
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