Content Analysis

Topics: Sentence, Republican Party, Barbara Boxer Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Communications Research
Dr. Jahandarie
Content Analysis
1. Question for Study: Who does the author of the article blame for the fiscal crisis? 2. Categories for Study: Category 1. The Democrats are at fault Category 2. The Republicans are at fault

Category 3. The Tea Party is to blame.
Category 4. General Filler
Operational Definitions:
Category 1: Statements by the author or quotes from Republican officials that blame Democrats for the crisis. (E.g. claiming that the Democrats were acting out of line and harming the nation by obstructing what the Republicans want to do.) Category 2: Statements by the author or quotes from Democrat officials that blame the Republicans for the crisis. (E.g. claiming that the Republicans were holding the budget of the country hostage over Obamacare) Category 3: Statements from Democrat officials claiming that the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party is to blame for the fiscal crisis. Category 4: The category of general filler is comprised of statements that fit in none of the above categories or otherwise add nothing to the analysis but were included in the article by the author as content for the sake of news and readability. 3. Unit of Analysis: The unit of analysis for the assignment will be the sentence. The operational definition of a sentence is a statement that begins with a capital letter and concludes with one of the following forms of ending mark: a period, a question mark or an exclamation mark.

4. Level of Measurement: For the analysis of the sentences in the article, a simple nominal measurement will be taken because the sentences will be counted up and assigned to their category but the categories have no ranking. Being in Category 3 does not mean a statement is better than one in Category 4. It is just a placeholder for the topic.

5. Numerical Findings: After analysis, There were nineteen statements found to fit into category one. Twenty statements to...
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