Coin Detection

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In all walks of life, machine automation is essential to make sophisticated approach to the mankind. Of course the machines cannot be replaced by human in exact recognition of coins. Nowadays, most of the work of the human is replaced by machines. The coin classification of various denominations and finding the sum of the coins is a tedious process. Coin counting machine is user friendly and makes customer operation a breeze. This machine is equipped with an operating system. This counting machine has a display and prompts the customer to operate the system. Coin sorting machine is attached with required number of tagged bags to collect appropriate denominations of coin. The generally used coin recognition machines are used at weight measuring machines employed at railway stations ,food vending machines deployed at airports , stations, educational Institutions as per the power of the currency . The coin has always been ( since its introduction in the market) has been a symbol of small value trading. Thereby its importance increases with due consideration to the small scale traders and the people for daily uses. Automatic machines are used for Coins classification and recognition to find the sum of the coin is quite complicate. In this project , we propose a coin recognition method by radius parameter detection approach. The effectiveness of the coins classification is ensured based on the parameters of the coin. Moreover, the variations in images obtained from new and old coins are also discussed. The polar coordinate image of coin on circles with different radii is used as the feature for coin recognition. Finally, the knowledge base of the coin is fed to the recognition system to classify the coin easily. For a given coin, image is scanned and stored as gray values in a matrix. The intensity of the pixel is maximized. The heuristic approach is adapted to classify the coin after pre -processing of the image.

We present a vision-based approach to coin classification which is able to discriminate between many coin classes. The approach described is a multistage procedure. In the first stage a translationally and rotationally invariant description is computed. . The classification of these coins according to their denomination in the field of application for the method is presented in this paper. The basic idea of the method can be seen from the coin image of detecting the radius of the coin that will be matched to the database embedded to the coding done on matlab mathworks 2010 edition.


Right since India became Republic on 26th January, 1950 coins were minted at various mints in the country. The mints at which these coins were minted were identified by the locations. These are as follows:

B-Bombay Mint
C-Calcutta Mint
H-Hyderabad Mint
N-Noida Mint

No coins were minted by Indian Government right after it's independence on August 15th 1947 until 1950. During the period from 1947-1950, the Government of India continued using the coins that were in circulation i.e. the coins that were minted by the British. The Indian Government minted coins of 1947 until 1950. On 26th January 1950, the scenario changed after India became Republic. In 1949, the Government Mint produced 14 types of pattern proof coins made of Nickel, Cupro-Nickel Alloy or Brass. Their mintage was very few and each of them is much valued.

Following list describes the mintage of various coins of India:

1957BCH, 1958BH, 1959BCH, 1960BCH, 1961BCH, 1962BCH, 1963BCH, 1964BCH, 1965BH, 1966BCH, 1967BCH, 1968BCH, 1969BCH, 1970 C, 1971 H, 1972BH

1965BC, 1966BC, 1967BC, 1968BC, 1969B, 1970 BC, 1971C, 1972CH, 1973CH, 1974CH, 1975CH, 1976BH, 1977BH, 1978BH

1964BC, 1965BC 1966BCH 1967BCH 1968BCH 1969CH 1970BC 1971CH

1957BC 1958BC...
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