Counterfeit Money

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How to detect counterfeit money
On a day to day basis we are constantly dealing with cash, most of the time we do not even stop to pay attention to the details and markings that are on these many bills. In fact, it is a good chance that maybe; you are holding a counterfeited bill. Counterfeiting money is one of the oldest crimes in history. During the Civil War, it is estimated nearly one-third of all currency circulating around the United States, was counterfeited. In the next four to six minutes, I will get you to look at your money in your wallets a little different and take more recognition as well. Around the Civil war time period, there were nearly 1,600 estimated state banks, which each printed and designed their own notes or bills. Counterfeit set fire since there was so many different designs that were easy to replicate. It wasn’t until July 5th, 1865, the United States Secret Service was created to stop and suppress counterfeiting. Retailers now use different techniques to distinguish counterfeited bills from genuine bills. The first technique is observing the portrait. On a genuine bill, the portrait will be life like and clearly recognize all features. It will also stand out from the background distinctively. On a counterfeit bill, the portrait is dull and lifeless. The portrait will also blend into the background, which is often to dark. Another technique is observing the Federal Reserve and Treasury Seal. On an actual bill, the seal will have saw-toothed points that will be sharp, clear and can easily be distinguish. On Counterfeited money’s seal will have dull points; it will appear blurry and uneven as well. Third technique is recognizing a faulty border. A real bill borders will be very clear and unbroken compared to a counterfeit bill which will be broken and very blurry to the eye. Due to the printing method between an actual bill and a fake one, the ink on a counterfeited one will bleed through the paper causing the blurry effect....
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