Classic 45c Notes

Topics: Oedipus, Greek mythology, Sophocles Pages: 9 (3187 words) Published: April 16, 2013
* Female by nature, not by law…are supposed to be obedient…ruled by men…there’s something unnatural about what Antigone is doing…. * This play is about gender also
* Ismene =ideal woman
* Women should be silent and Ismene voices that
* Women should be sensible, should be ruled by men

* Greek audience at the time is supposed to hate Antigone * Creon he wants to see himself as voicing the opinions of the gods… Antigone also says that she’s working for the divine…and that complicates things * Creon stands for the city

* He aligns his authority with the authority of the gods * He doesn’t think of himself of going against the gods * He has taken over and summoned the people and asked them how he rules… does he rule? Notice how he likes public speaking! When the city is suffering….when the city is in trouble, you shouldn’t be silent * The city is at this point in a kind of danger that Creon does not see yet. He will see it later on….if the city is suffering he wants the people to speak up and take action….he’s not talking about Antigone of course….but she’s doing just that…. * Loyalty is to the state! Not to another human being! * And yet at the end of the play, to whom does he show loyalty??? HIS SON * These are his values and he does not abide by his values… * It is not in a way family vs. state….it is family vs. Creon state….this is the state that Creon is organizing…..why does this state have to fall? Not state in general….keep that in mind… * He wants us to see the proclamation coming up is in harmony…..he’s inviting us to see the proclamation: Eteocles will be buried in his grave while Polyneices will not be buried….he is not to be mourned….. * Creon uses the future ( Eteocles SHALL BE BURIED……) * Antigone uses the past

* Another thing we noticed is the cruelty of the king ( you shall watch him chewed up )…something that we see rot, devoured, we see the body, he doesn’t belong with the living ….or the dead…what happens when the body becomes food for the animals??? * The idea that we’re supposed to watch someone rot, take delight in it…. * Someone is going to violate the proclamation, we don’t know who is the criminal…we are looking for the identity of the person who has violated the law….what is the crime?? * It looks almost miraculous, someone sprinkled dust over the body and buried it without leaving any marks…..or traces…as if the body was visited from above * Chorus wonders if it’s the god’s doings……and Creon loses it when the Chorus says that! * Here’s Creon is arrogant, how can a man know what the gods want? * Both characters act in a way that they think the gods want them to do…. * Creon thinks he’s doing all this to please the gods Creon cannot believe that Antigone did the burial….

She is his niece and a woman! :O
Notice that he’s interrogating and asking for the truth just like Oedipus * Nature is assisting Antigone….nature participates in the events…mimicking what Antigone was gonna do with her own hands.. * The dust rising……she was about to finish the ritual but then someone removed the dust off the body the second time she visited the body * Why does Antigone abide by the laws of the gods? They are there forever…. * Human laws like everything human, are subject to change * Antigone is basically saying Creon’s worthless cause once someone comes after you to rule, things will change

* Antigone’s demise and Creon’s demise
* Both will have terrible ends
* Creon thinks that he has supreme power over her, and that power is to kill her….according to the proclamation, whoever …they will be stoned to death in public,…fate given to her by man….gender roles is very important * Antigone tries to weaken his powers by put down his laws….saying that his laws are not strong as the gods cause they were there forever…whereas...
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