Class Tour to Boeing: Analysis of Total Quality Management

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Boeing Reflection Paper

On our class tour to Boeing, we learned how the plane and parts manufacturer uses techniques such as 5S, Total Quality Management, lean production to offer its customers value and high quality planes. There is a lot of management techniques implemented at Boeing to meet their level of excellence, keeping their procedures as simple and organized as possible to satisfy their customers needs.

At the commencement of our tour, we observed how different parts if a particular plane were being worked on by separate departments. As we began to move alongside our tour guide I was able to observe how walkways were labeled and allowed easy access from one department to another. All the necessary tools and instructions are neatly organized and kept close by and visual aids such as before and after pictures were available to ensure that every department meets their high quality standards. The tour director explained that this layout is organized like a surgical process, where all the necessary parts and equipment are kept close at hand to complete a procedure. The layout of Boeing is structured so that all finished plane models were located next engines and control panels. The director explained that this is done for plane customization.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a structured system for managing the quality of its products, processes and resources in order to satisfy its internal and external customers. The main objective is to maintain customer satisfaction through continuous improvement where everyone within an organization practices the implemented procedures. TQM principles include processes are evaluated, every employee has equal responsibility/accountability, the prevention of problems and that improvements are continuous.Throughout the plant, there were data charts that supplied information regarding monthly assessments, employee self-assessments, target dashboards and...
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