Chapter 7-8 Notes

Topics: Samuel Adams, American Revolutionary War, American Revolution Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: February 16, 2014
Mercantilism – colony exists to benefit mother country; Brit gave naval protection Indirect tax – you don’t know you’re taxed
Colonies haphazardly placed
Prime Minister George Grenville enforced Nav Laws: 1. Imperial trade done on Brit ships w/ ¾ crew British; 2. Only certain goods exported to foreign countries unless they go through Britain; 3. Economic diversification; 4. Colonies a protected market for low price consumer goods Sugar Act- raise tax on molasses; Woolen Act- banned export of American wool products; Hat Act- hats can’t be traded with other colonies; Stamp Act- tax on paper products Champagne Charley Townshend – Townshend acts – tax on glass, paper, tea, etc. Committees of Correspondence – formed by Samuel Adams – resistance spread through propaganda BEIC was going out of business, so parliament made their prices super low (with a hidden tax); angered colonists Boston Tea Party – mostly merchants with onlookers

Intolerable (Coercive) Acts passed in retaliation: Boston Port act – closed port until tea paid for; Quartering Act – British troops lodged everywhere; Quebec Act – took away Canada’s rep. assembly, extended borders to below Great Lakes region, made Catholicism the religion; Admin of Justice Act – English officials accused of murdering colonists while enforcing royal stuff tried in England; Gov. Act – no more assembly 1st Continental Congress meets b/c this; 12/13 colonies represented; The Continental Association formed – boycott on all British goods; Suffolk Resolves said Mass. didn’t follow Int. Acts, put Mass. in a state of rebellion (according to British), provisional gov. for Mass. w/ tax, defensive measures taken Created loyalists, patriots, fence riders

Committees would burn British imports and make the merchant publicly apologize The King ordered General Gage to quell the “Rude Rabble” by arresting John H and Samuel A England denies repeals made by the 1CC , and sends troops to capture Sam Adams, John Hancock, and gunpowder...
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