chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations
This chapter presented the summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations from the gathered data. Summary of Findings
The following included the rundown of results of this study concerning the enrollment statistics, tuition, the number of programs, facilities and the forecasted populations. Enrollment Statistics

The population of the students from year 2003 was higher in the first semester but then from year 2004 to 2012, the enrollment statistics decreases in first and second semester. Tuition
56.5 % of the variation in average enrollment population is explained by the dependent variable which is the tuition. Since the units of the 2nd 2003-2012 the population variable is -0.0263, we are 95% confident that the average impact on the population trend is between -0.0377 and -0.0149 as it indicates there is a decrease in population. Number of Programs

In the year 2003 to 2011 the Post Graduate offered 4 courses, Graduate offered 4 courses, Undergraduate with 5 year courses offered 6 courses and the 4 year courses offered 17 courses, Two year courses offered 2 courses, and the Technical/Vocational Courses (Tesda- Accredited) only have the Marist Technical Training Program (MTTP). While in the year 2012 up to the present the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University added 3 new courses in the 4 years courses of Undergraduate Program. Facilities

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University has 21 classrooms built in from year 2003, then, in year 2008, 6 classrooms are added and 10 classrooms in year 2013. There was only 1 audio-visual room built in from year 2003. Then, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University added another 1 audio-visual room in year 2005. There are 7 buildings situated in Notre Dame of Dadiangas University from year 2003 until now. The first building built in was the PG Patrick Grogan Hall in year 1961 followed by HR Henry Ruiz Hall in 1967, LS Leonard Sonza Hall in 1983, RB Rogen Bagares...
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