Chapter 13 Spice Chart the Spread of Chinese Civilization...

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Chapter 13: The Spread of Chinese Civilization:
Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
1) Japan
* Emperor -> aristocracy -> nobles/ warriors -> local leaders-> peasants -> farmers * Male and female barriers
* Females can’t rule or get into political businesses no matter how high up you are. * Determing rank solely by birth
* Men and women in aristocratic classes are mandatory to have polite behaviors * Social status was everything and love affairs were anxiety * Later on, women lost almost all of their previous rights * Inheritance was only passed down to the oldest son

* Women were then treated like trash and men view them as defenseless * Women were taught to slay themselves rather than dishonor the family line by getting raped * All classes of Japanese women lost role of celebrant in religious ceremonies and replaced in theatrical performances by men.

2) Korea
* Emperor -> government -> nobles/local leaders -> peasants -> slaves * Born due to its original classes
3. Vietnam
* Women had more freedoms
* Women wore long skirts to black pants
* Women had more influences in both family and in societies * Women were dominant force in large urban markets and trading systems Political:
1) Japan
* Empress Koken; married the Buddhist monk and he became king * Emperor Kammu ; 794
* Heian (Kyoto) ; a new capital city established by emperor Kammu; buddists build monasteries * Later Buddhist monks were abandoned out of the aristocratic and aristocrats almost fully took over in the central government * Japanese monarchy -> Chinese style emperor

* Created genuine bureaucracy and peasant conscript armies * Local leaders were to organize militia forces and later control the imperial household * Fujiwara was the aristocratic family in 9th century

* Taira; competed with Minamoto families and defeated the Gempei Wars * Minamoto;...
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