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28 March 2012
Friction in Relationships

All relationships come down to one person connecting with another on an intimate level. How that connection is made and maintained determines the strength or weakness of the bond. For instance, a couple that has recently moved in together for the first time will have a lot of factors that can cause friction. Different religious beliefs, work ethics, and family relationships are among the issues that a couple must deal with in order to thrive. The causes of friction in a relationship all boil down to one person’s upbringing and morals versus another’s.

While having different religious beliefs may not be a major obstacle in a friendship or business relationship, it can be a huge burden when it comes to romantic couples. If one partner is a devout follower of a given belief and the other is indifferent or worse yet, a devout follower of another belief, then there is always going to be conflict until a compromise can be made. In the early stages the differences can be brushed aside, but at some point it will reach a tipping point. This will most likely occur when the relationship has progressed to the point of marriage talk and definitely when children are concerned.

How a person was raised can affect them their whole lives. This is when manners are taught, work ethics are observed and responsibility is learned. If someone sees his or her parents working hard and are given chores to do at a young age, he or she will most likely grow up to be responsible, dependable adults. This will be reflected in their work ethic. If one person saw their parents bouncing from job to job or not working at all, then that is what they will be more likely to do. On the other hand, if another person’s parents were hard workers, then that is what they would use as a guide. If these two people were to end up in a relationship there would be obvious issues when it comes to earning a living.

Family relationships can also play...
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