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Introduction to Business law (AF2504)
Semester 1, 2012/2013

Individual Coursework Assignment

Name: ___________________ Student No. ___________________

Day and Time of seminar session: __________________________________

Tutor: ______________________________

Honour Declaration

I declare that the work in this assignment is completely my own work. No part of this assignment is taken from other people’s work without giving them credit. All references have been clearly cited. I understand that an infringement of this declaration leaves me subject to disciplinary action by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Signature: ______________________________

Marks: /20

Total 20/50 Coursework marks.


You are required to write an essay answer to each of the two coursework problems set out below. Case law should be applied whenever it is relevant. Type in double-spacing. The total length of your answers for Part A and Part B should not exceed 2,000 words.

Type your name in full as it appears on the attendance records on the cover page. Staple the sheets together and do not use plastic covers.

Due Date: 2 Nov 2012, 5:00 pm

Coursework Problem:

Part A

Compare and contrast the facts and holdings of the following two cases:

- HKSAR v Wan Hon Sik [2001] 3 HKLRD

- HKSAR v Yu Wai Chuen [2001] HKEC 1539

(Note: Case reports can be downloaded from Westlaw HK but need not be attached to your submitted answers.)

Part B

Candy sees a new laptop computer model ‘LapTop III’ in the window of a shop. It is labelled ‘New model; Original price HK$8,000; Discounted price HK$7,000’. Candy goes inside the shop and asks to buy one ‘LapTop III’. The shopkeeper Tam tells her that the promotion is over and the ‘LapTop III’ is now being sold at its original price $8,000. Candy insists that the shop must sell the ‘LapTop III’ to her for...
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