Does prison work

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Does Prison Work?
The aim of this essay is to analyse and discuss the prison system in England and Wales to determine whether or not the current prison system works. The work of Joyce (2006) suggests that there are five objectives that are analysed when looking to see if prisons work, these are punishment, reform, incapacitation, deterrence and denunciation. However due to the limited word count this essay will only look at three key factors of prisons including punishment, rehabilitation and security. Crowther (2007) explains that a person may be in prison for two circumstances that include someone who has been sent to prison on remand and is awaiting trial or someone who has been sentenced to imprisonment as a consequence of their actions. The first key aspect of prisons that this assignment will discuss is punishment. Joyce explains that punishment is for society to avenge those who have committed crime. This would mean that in fact only society can decide whether or not prisons actually work in terms of punishment (Joyce, 2006). Joyce (2006) also explains that the legal and prison system are constantly criticised for being too lenient when sentencing and granting early release. Early release could be due to the mass increase in the prison population, as of the 23rd November 2011 the prison population was 88,115 (Howard League for penal reform, 2011), compared to the 25th November 2005 when the prison population in England and Wales was 77,421 (Howard League for Penal Reform, 2005). Overcrowding is a consequence of the prison population growing. Overcrowding impacts a prison’s function in many ways. It can disrupt daily routines and can influence the way that prisons maintain their order (Matthews, 1999). One great concern with overcrowding is that there is great pressure being put on the prisons rehabilitation programmes, as well as the cost to keep an offender in prison being £200,000 per year (British Crime Survey). However the increase in the prison population could impact the amount of crime in society, when looking at the British Crime Survey crime rate is down 50 per cent since 1995, these statistics could argue that prison is working and is in fact decreasing crime in our society. Another key issue when considering the validity of prisons is whether it is primarily designed to look after the interests of the prisoner or...

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