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White blood cell that does not stain intensely with either alkaline or acidic dye. a. lymphocyte
b. basophil
c. neutrophil
d. eosinophil

Blood has all of the following functions except to:
a. Transport carbon dioxide and waste from the cells for elimination from the body b. Maintain a constant environment for other living tissue
c. Transport hormones
d. Regulate respiration

Hemochromatosis is characterized by:
a. A general increase in red blood cells
b. Multiple pinpoint hemorrhages
c. An abnormal increase in granulocytes
d. Excess iron deposits throughout body

The first division of the pharynx:
a. nasopharynx
b. oropharynx
c. hypopharynx
d. laryngopharynx

Airway obstruction associated with emphysema and chronic bronchitis: a. RDS
c. SOB

Inflammation of the bronchi persisting for a long time:
a. chronic bronchitis
b. bronchogenic carcinoma
c. emphysema
d. pneumonia

Coarse, loud rumbling sounds usually caused by congestion in the bronchial tubes: a. stridor
b. rhonchi
c. rales
d. crackles

a. larynx
b. pharynx
c. trachea
d. epiglottis

Lower portion of the lung:
a. apex
b. base
c. bronchioles
d. alveoli

Smallest branches of the bronchi:
a. arterioles
b. venules
c. alveoli
d. bronchioles

Collection of pus in the pleural cavity:
a. pneumothorax
b. pleuritis
c. hemoptysis
d. pyothorax

PMN is the abbreviation for:
a. Premenstrual neurosis
b. Polymorphonucler
c. Plasma myeloid neutrophil
d. Phagomononuclear

_________ blood contains anti-A antibodies.
a. Type A
b. Type B
c. Type AB
d. Type O

Which abnormality is characteristic of multiple myeloma?
a. Overproduction of immunoglobulins
b. Overproduction of erythrocytes
c. Underproduction of bone marrow
d. Underproduction of calcium

An inherited defect in the ability to produce hemoglobin due to the decrease synthesis of globin is: a. Aplastic anemia
b. Pemicious anemia
c. Sickle cell anemia
d. Thalassemia

Special proteins called ________, abbreviated ______, trigger the production, maturation and activation of granulocytes. a. colony-stimulation factors, CSFs
b. stem cells, SC’s
c. polymorphonuclear leukocytes, PMLs
d. formed elements, FEs

Blood in the pleural cavity:
a. pyothorax
b. hemothorax
c. hypoxia
d. hemodialysis

_____globin is the blood protein that enables the transport of oxygen a. Hemo
b. Hemato
c. Basoo
d. Erythro

________ is a disease of bone marrow with malignant WBCs filling the marrow and bloodstream. a. Leukemia
b. Acute myelogenous leukemia
c. Acute lymphocytic leukemia
d. Chronic lymphocytis leukemia

Which white blood cell type has granules that satin dark duck purple in response to alkaline dye? a. Basophil
b. Eosinophil
c. Neutrophil
d. Granulocytes

Mildine region where the bronchi, blood vessels, and nerves enter and exit the lungs: a. lobes
b. hilum
c. pleura
d. apex of the lung

For which of the following procedures does the patient serve as his or her own stem cell donor? a. ABMT
b. BMT
c. HST
d. Apheresis

Spitting up blood from the lungs:
a. pleurodynia
b. hematemesis
c. hemothorax
d. hemoptysis

The plasma protein converted to thrombin in the clotting process is: a. Fibrinogen
b. Prothrombin
c. Erythropoietin
d. Globulin
e. Albumin

The laboratory test that detects neutropenia is:
a. CBC
b. DIC
c. ANC
d. BMT

Breathing out:
a. exhalation
b. inspiration
c. internal respiration
d. external respiration

An instrument that measures and records the volume of inhale and exhaled air is a spirometer. True

Which condition is characterized by an abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells? a. polycythemia
b. hemophilia
c. hemochromatosis
d. pernicious anemia

Creation of an opening into the trachea through the neck and insertion of a tube to create an airway: a. thoracentesis
b. thoracotomy
c. tracheostomy
d. laryngoscpy
_________ is formed by the...
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