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onB. E. Production Engineering 2008 Proposed Syllabus


Syllabus for the
B.E. (Production Engineering 2008 Course) (w. e. f. 2011 – 2012)


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B. E. Production Engineering 2008 Proposed Syllabus

B.E. (Production Engineering) – 2008 Course
Semester- I Subjec t Code 411081 411082 Subject Teaching Examination Scheme Scheme (Hrs) Lectur Pr/Dw Th Tw Or Pr e 4 2 100 25 50 4 2 100 25 50


Machine Tool Design 175 Manufacturing 175 Automation 411083 Operations Research 4 2 100 50 150 411084 Elective I 4 2 100 50 100 411085 Elective II 4 100 100 411086 Project Work** 2 Total 20 10 500 150 50 50 750 ** It is mandatory to submit preliminary project report for the grant of the term I Semester II Teaching Scheme (Hrs) Lecture Pr/D w 6 4 2

Subject Code


Examination Scheme Th 100 Tw 100 Or 50 Pr 50 Total 150 150

411086 411087


411089 411090 411091

Project Work Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing Process Planning and Tool Selection Elective III Elective IV Manufacturing Costing & Analysis Total Pr: Practical








4 4

2 2 14

100 100 400

50 50 200


50 Or: Oral

150 100 50 750

16 Dw: Drawing

Th: Theory

Tw: Term Work

1. Plastic Engineering 2. Industrial Robotics 3. Powder Metallurgy 4. Microprocessor Applications

Elective I

Elective II 1. Ergonomics and Human Factors in Engineering Page 2 of 48

B. E. Production Engineering 2008 Proposed Syllabus

2. Materials and Logistic Management 3. Simulation and Modeling 4. Plant Engineering and Maintenance Elective III 1. Automobile Engineering 2. Mechatronics 3. Metal working Tribology 4. Finite Element Analysis

Elective IV 1. World Class Manufacturing 2 *** 3. Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 4. Total Quality Management

*** Student can select any Elective IV from Mechanical/Industrial Engineering course 2008 or subject designed by the college on the basis of Industry inputs, which has been approved by the University before the start of the semester.

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B. E. Production Engineering 2008 Proposed Syllabus

Teaching Scheme Lectures: 4 hrs/week Practical: 2 hrs/week Examination Scheme Theory: 100 Marks Term Work: 25 Marks Oral: 50 Marks Duration: 3 Hours ______________________________________________________________________ Unit I: Drives: (8) Design considerations for drives based on continuous and intermittent requirement of power, Types and selection of motor for the drive, Regulation and range of speed based on preferred number series, geometric progression. Design of speed gear box for spindle drive and feed gear box. Unit II: Design of Machine Tool Structures (8) Analysis of forces on machine tool structure, static and dynamic stiffness. Design of beds, columns, housings, bases and tables. Unit III: Design of Guideways (8) Functions and types of guideways, design criteria and calculation for slideways, design of hydrodynamic, hydrostatic and aerostatic slideways, Stick-Slip motion in slideways. (8) Unit IV: Design of Spindles, Spindle Supports and Power Screws Design of spindle and spindle support using deflection and rigidity analysis, analysis of antifriction bearings, preloading of antifriction bearing. Design of power screws: Distribution of load and rigidity analysis. Unit V: Dynamics of machine tools (8) Dynamic characteristic of the cutting process, Stability analysis, vibrations of machine tools. Control Systems: Mechanical and Electrical, Adaptive Control System, relays, push button control, electrical brakes, drum control. Unit VI: Special Features of Machine Tools (8)

Design considerations of Stepless drives, electromechanical system of regulation, friction, and ball variators, PIV drive, Epicyclic drive, principle of self locking. Design considerations for SPM, NC/CNC, and micro machining, Retrofitting, Recent trends in machine...

References: 6. Womack J.P., Jones D.T., “Machine That Changed The World: The Story of Lean Production”, Harper Perennial, 1991.
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