Autobiography compare and contrast

Topics: Winston Churchill, Chrysler, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Compare and Contrast Essay
Winston Churchill, a British prime minister during WWII, and Lee Iacocca, Former president of both Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Corporation, are two successful businessmen who have written autobiographies. Both texts, which are small parts about their school life, have different tones and structure but therefore share the type of audience. The readers of Churchill’s and Iacocca’s autobiographies would be businessmen who are seeking for inspiration from others who have had success. Additionally the audience could consist of students who have trouble in school or are researching about past Politicians. Text 1 is from “An Autobiography” from Lee Iacocca. He describes how much he enjoyed school since he was a star student and also was loved by his teachers. Furthermore he describes his ninth grade teacher, Miss Raber, who helped him improve his speaking skills and “how to think on my feet”. Through her teaching lessons he now had the ability to give excellent speeches which probably helped him with his career. Text 2 from “My Early Life”, the autobiography from Winston Churchill, is more like a sad story. Churchill is left alone with the Headmaster of his new school and is forced to memorise Latin grammar table. After being left alone with this he is expected to have learnt. Winston does what he always does and has memorised the table and dictating it perfectly. But Churchill is bothered, than he does not understand the meaning of what he has learned and does not get the answer he wants from his new Headmaster. The Tone of Churchill’s autobiography is depressed, lonely and sad. He pities himself and feels misunderstood. “All the other boys were out of doors and I was alone …”, and “Behold me on a gloomy evening” are all signs that make the texts tone bitter. Also he seems shook up when he does not understand the meaning of the Latin grammar table “but, I repeated, what does it means?” Churchill uses dialogue in his text to give it...
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