Career Autobiography

Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Since day one that I can remember, my parents have always been divorced. Sometimes it became a big problem in our family because of the constant arguments between them. The court felt it wasn’t fair for my brothers and I and came to the conclusion that the children will see a counselor one a week. At that time I was so young I didn’t know exactly what that meant and apparently had no other choice but to go. Little did I know that it would change my perception forever.

Attending the counseling weekly became a routine for us. We all new what was going to take place on Wednesday nights. When I would arrive the counselor would greet us and meet with us individually. As my one of my brothers would be in the rest of us would wait in a room. A room that was full of toys, book, lollipops, and stickers. All of the things I loved at that age. We were so overwhelmed with enjoyment that when it was our turn to talk to the counselor, we pushed one another to go first.

Finally when we were alone with the women, she didn’t really ask me a lot of questions. She also didn’t make me feel uncomfortable either. I enjoyed talking to her. She would listen to me mostly, and being the youngest of three older brothers, sometimes it can be difficult getting your voice out there. I felt like she enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed hers. Of course she new all the right things to make me feel better and keep coming back each week.

Now I realize more than I did when it was happening to me then. I realized how comfortable they made us feel there so we wouldn’t feel scared, or feel like an outcast. Maybe she didn’t know that her just listening to what I had to say, or complain about each week, really did relieve me. It definitely brought my whole family together a lot better than before because we all did something together.

Another event that I came across that has helped me realize my career choice was when I was a counselor at a summer camp last year. I stayed for one week in...
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