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Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire Pages: 7 (1354 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Readings: America’s History ch 1 pgs 7-38,
Other Sources: “Columbus Letter” (online), “Why History” by David McCullough Outline:
A. Native American Experience
1. First Americans
2. Mayas and Aztecs
3. Indians of the North
Hopewell, Pueblos, Mississippians, Eastern Woodland, matrilineal B. European Society
1. European Peasant Society
2. Hierarchy and Authority
Dower, primogeniture
3. Power of Religion
Pagans, heresies
C. Europeans Create a Global World
1. Renaissance Changes Europe 1300-1500
Republics, civic humanism, ideology, guilds
2. West African Society and Slavery
Vasco da Gama
3. Europeans Explore America
Reconquista, Columbus
4. The Spanish Conquest
Hernan Cortes, encomiendas, Columbian Exchange
D. Rise of Protestant England
1. Protestant Movement
Indulgences, Calvinism, predestination, Anglicanism
2. Dutch and English Challenge Spain
Outwork, mercantilism
3. Social Causes of English Expansion
Price revolution, gentry, yeomen, enclosure acts, indentures

AP Guidelines covered in this unit:
1. Pre-Columbian Societies
Early inhabitants of the Americas
American Indian empires in Mesoamerica, the Southwest, and the Mississippi Valley American Indian cultures of North America at the time of European contact 2. Transatlantic Encounters and Colonial Beginnings, 1492–1690 First European contacts with American Indians

Spain’s empire in North America

A. Rival Imperial Models: Spain, France, and Holland
1. New Spain: Colonization and Conversion
Coronado, de Soto, St. Augustine, Franciscan Missions, polygamy, “wet heads”, Pueblo Revolt, Pope, Uprising of 1680             2. New France: Fur Traders and Missionaries Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Quebec, indentured servitude, fur trade, Robert de La Salle, Louisiana, Five Nations of the Iroquois, Jesuits, “Black Robes”, Covenant Chain             3. New Netherland: Commerce

Henry Hudson, Fort Orange, Northwest Passage, West India Company, New Amsterdam, Dutch Manor System, Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch Wedge, Duke of York, Edmund Andros B. The English Arrive in the Chesapeake

            1. Settling the Tobacco Colonies
Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir Ferninando Gorges, Sir Walter Raleigh, “Lost Colony”, Virginia Company, Jamestown, Powhatan, John Smith, Pocahontas, John Rolfe, “Great Charter”, House of Burgesses, Powhatan Uprisings, royal colony, Maryland, Cecilius Calvert, proprietary colony, Catholics, St. Mary’s City, Toleration Act of 1649, freeholds, plantation             2. Masters, Servants, and Slaves

                        Indentured servitude, African slaves, common law, chattel slavery             3. Bacon’s Rebellion
Navigation Acts, fallow system, William Berkeley, Nathaniel Bacon, Manifesto and Declaration of the People C. Puritan New England
            1. Puritan Migration
Pilgrim, separatist, Puritan, Holland, William Bradford, Plymouth Colony, Mayflower Compact, work ethic, representative government, Puritan Migration, John Winthrop, Massachusetts Bay Colony, City Upon a Hill, joint-stock corporation, General Court, Puritanism, Congregationalists, predestination, “elect”, Roger Williams, Providence, Rhode Island, Anne Hutchinson, “covenant of works”, Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut, Oliver Cromwell, Puritan Revolution, New England Confederation, Freedom of Consciences, Halfway Covenant, Harvard College,             2. Puritanism and Witchcraft

                        Witchcraft, Salem, trials, “spectral” evidence, causes?             3. A Yeoman Society, 1630-1700
                        Town Proprietors, town meeting, settlement patterns            D. The Eastern Indians’ New World
            1. Pequots and Puritans
                        Smallpox, Pequot Massacre, praying towns             2. Metacom’s War of 1675-1676
                        King Philip’s War, Wampanoag             3. The Destructive Impact of the Fur Trade                         Dutch,...
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