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Advertising define
A paid, non-personal communication delivered to audiences by mass medium where the product or service has clearly identifiable persuades and influence. Retail advertisement
Coles ‘price down’ campaign inform people they offer a lower price than others. Woolworth operates ‘everyday fresh’ campaign

Problem and the symptoms
Essential to separate the problem from the symptoms
Symptoms is a sign or an indication of something
Advertisement Problem is “any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty or difficulty. A advertisement problem is issue that must be solved.

Advertisement objectives should
Concrete measurable task
Existing measurable benchmark
Degree of Changing sought
Specific Timeline

Why need setting ad objective
1. It is an expression of management consensus which minimizes conflict and toward to the common goals 2. It guides budgeting, creative and ad strategies.
3. It provides stand which campaign result can be measured

Define advertising goals for measure advertising and result. Under the DAGMAR approach, the advertising goal involved communication task that is specific and measurable. Colley proposed DAGMAR Communication task : awareness, comprehension, conviction and action.

Advertising budget
Is the right money be involved?is the amount of money be effectively and efficiently into results? Is the investment can reaching the best market and financial performance possible? How much money spend on advertising and promotion.

Establishing size of budget and Allocate the budge

-Top down budget ( the ad budget is set to stay within spending limit: percentage sale of method, affordable method, competitive parity method, ROI method and arbitrary allocation method Build up budget: advertisement objectives are set, plan activities to achieve objectives, establish budget for activities. Three types of customer influence

1. Market maven across all the product and look for best...
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