Animal Farm Answers

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Discussion 4
Animal Farm
The lives of the animals on the farm are significant to the story-why? Consider Snowball and his roll throughout the story. Explain Snowballs role. The lives of the animals are significant to the story because they are the basis to which Orwell wrote the story to attack the idea of totalitarian communism. The many animals are based of different classes in Russian society and some off of leaders in Russia, like Snowball. Snowball, who is based on Leon Trotsky, is a dedicated idealist who puts all of his heart and body into spreading Animalism and in improving the farm’s structure. His role throughout the story is to lead Animal Farm. He serves as an example that you can’t eliminate corruption by electing individuals and that it is power itself that corrupts. Compare the lives of the animals when they live under Jones and under Napoleon. In what ways has Napoleon proven himself a similar tyrant? Under the rule of Jones the animals are treated unjustly, they are poorly fed, and well they’re treated like animals, whatever work they do does not benefit anyone except Jones. Before living under the rule of Napoleon, the animals lived a relatively good life under Snowballs rule. When Napoleon takes control by the use of force he immediately puts his foot down. Using his secret police he imposes his will unto the other animals on the farm and acts like a dictator. He acts very much like Jones in that he doesn’t show that he actually cares for the animals. He wants to enjoy his power and indulges himself like Jones would do. Closely examine old Major's speech to the animals in Chapter 1 and discuss the ways in which he uses language to persuade his listeners. Old Major starts his speech by saying that he is old now and therefore that makes him wiser and knows better. When he brings the animals to the barn for a meeting he refers to them as ‘Comrades’ inflicting that they are all soldiers and he tells them about his dream in which the animals...
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