Anatomy and Physicology Chapter 1

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* early students were mostly concerned with treating injuries and illnesses
* healers relied on superstitions and magic
* eventually the study of medicine with standarized terms in greek and latin began Anatomy and Physiology
ANATOMY: structure
-anatomists rely on observation and dissection
PHYSIOLOGY: function
-pysiologists rely on expermentation
-more often to discover new information
*function is based off of shape/shape determines function
Levels of Organization
*Macromolecule*Organ System
Characteristics of Life
*Fundamental characteristics of life are traits shared by all organisms
Maintenance of Life
-Water, Food, Oxygen, Heat, Pressure
definition: maintenance of a stable internal environmnet
-regulate body mechanisms such as temperature and blood pressure Body Cavities
*Appendicular portion- upper and lower limbs
*Axial portion-head, neck and trunk---- organs in this area are called VISCERA
-Dorsal Cavity
1.) Cranial Cavity
2.) Vertebral Cavity
-Ventral Cavity
1.) Thorax Cavity (chest)
a.) pleural membranes; parietal pleura lines the cavity and visceral pleura covers the lungs
b.)pericardial membrane; parietal pericardium lines the cavity and visceral pericardium covers the heart
d.) serous fluid separates the parietal&visceral memebranes
2.) Abdominopelvic Cavity
a.) Abdominal Cavity
-peritoneal membrane; parietal peritoneal lines the cavity and visceral peritoneal covers the organs
b.) Pelvic Cavity
-Cavities in the head include;
*oral cavity, nasal cavity, orbital cavities, middle ear cavities, frontal sinuses, sphenoidal sinus and cranial cavity Organ System...
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