Anatomical Organization Review Sheet

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Anatomical Organization Review Sheet Name

1. Answer the following questions using pgs. 13-16 and various organ system chapters of your text. a. Which is lateral: the tibia or fibula? fibula
b. Which is more distal: the ankle or knee? ankle
c. Circle or underline the correct statement:
1. The heart is ventral to the spinal cord. The heart is dorsal to the spinal cord. 2. The head is superior to the leg. The head is inferior to the leg. 3. The scapula is dorsal to the heart. The scapula is ventral to the heart. 4. The cranium is superficial to the brain. The cranium is deep to the brain. 2. Answer the following questions using pgs. 17-18:

a. What are the 3 regions of the thoracic cavity? Superior mediastinum, pleural cavity, pericardial cavity within the mediastinum b. What organ is housed in the pleural cavity? lung
c. What organs are housed in the mediastinum? Heart, esophagus, trachea, d. What organ is found in the pericardial cavity? Heart
e. What muscle separates the abdominopelvic cavity from the thoracic cavity? Diaphragm f. What are the two regions (or cavities) of the abdominopelvic cavity? Abdominal and pelvic g. What organs are found in the abdominal cavity? Stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, and others h. What organs are housed in the pelvic cavity? Urinary bladder, some reproductive organs, and the rectum i. What organ is housed in the cranial cavity? Brain

j. What is the viscera? Internal organs
k. What is the peritoneum? Serous membrane lining the interior of the abdominal cavity covering the surface of abdominal organs l. What are the mesenteries? Double layer extensions of the peritoneum that support most organs in the abdominal cavity m. During surgery, the surgeon would encounter which layer first? 1. the visceral peritoneum or the parietal peritoneum (circle correct answer) 2. the stomach wall or the parietal peritoneum (circle correct answer) 3. the visceral pleura or the parietal pleura (circle correct answer)? 3. Answer the following using pg. 19.

a. What organ(s) are housed in the orbital cavities?eyes
b. Synovial cavities are found where? Within fibrous capsules that surround freely movable joints of the body c. Now for a much harder question: Are the kidneys housed in a body cavity? If not, where are they specifically found? Yes, abdominal

4. Write the term each phrase describes.
a. Extends from the stomach and drapes over the intestines. Greater omentum b. Attaches the heart to the body cavity. serosae
c. Covers the surface of the lungs. Serous membrane
d. Covers the surface of the abdominal organs. Serous membrane e. The lubricating liquid in serous cavities. serous fluid
f. Extends between the superior part of the stomach and the liver lesser omentum. g. Attaches the small intestines to the posterior body wall intestinal mucosa . h. Circle the organs that are found within the peritoneal cavity: pancreas, liver, kidney, spleen, adrenal glands, abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, stomach.

5. List the nine abdominopelvic regions and the location of each. Umbilical region – centermost region deep to and surrounding the naval. Epigastric region – superior to the umbilical region
Hypogastric region – inferior to the umbilical region
Right and left iliac – lateral to the hypogastria region
Right and left lumbar – lateral to the umbilical region
Right and left hypochondriac regions – lateral to the epigastric region

6. Name the quadrant(s) that the following organs predominately occupy: RUQ, LUQ, RLQ, LLQ.
a. liver ruqe. appendix rlq
b. stomachluqf. left kidney luq
c. spleenruqg. uterus rlq
d. gall bladderruqh. pancreas rlq

7. Write the anatomical terms that the phrase or word describes using pg. 14 and the chart on the website. Phrases or words referring to nouns are indicated. All other phrases refer to adjectives. a. Navel (noun). umbilical

b. Pertaining to the area between the neck and...
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