Analyses of Little Red Cap Story Essay Example

Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: February 24, 2010
Almost the whole story takes place somewhere in a village surrounded by dense forests. Story is set rather in the past time, but as I see it, it’s imaginative which makes it impossible to decide really when this actually occurred. Nature is well described and there are even some good detail descriptions. For instance; “….sunbeams dancing here and there through the trees”, which made the best impression on me. Description of the nature was undeniably very important. Mainly because I think that by describing the nature well, the writer wanted to scare kids away from lonely forests. Little Red-cap can be described as a young, innocent girl that is going trough a period of time, where everything seems right. She seems to be well nurtured, which is shown in the text when she accepts her moms favor. In the same time she makes some bad decisions (ex. letting the wolf know everything) which shows her obvious immaturity. She is loved by everyone. The relationship between her and the grandmother are maybe strongest one of them all. If she really develops at the end the story is hard to say. It is true that she says in the very last lines of the text that she will from now on listen better to her mother. However, story ends with little Red-cap saying this, so what she actually does afterwards remain unknown. Symbols can be seen from different perspectives. According to me Little red-cap represents a immature human being, with proper behavior but also with a lack of knowledge. Unable to see evil herself, she opens herself up, and gives information to others, not thinking about the possible consequences. Wolf is the “unseen” evil, that represents trouble for the human being. The huntsman represents help. He is mature and he is aware of evilness. In a way he could be seen as God. He is giving the human being a second chance. Although the wolf caused trouble for the human being, in a way he helped her. Without him and his acts, the human being would perhaps still make...
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