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• Patriarchy/Eldest Male/Clan
o Clan is led by eldest male
o Male won’t stop being in power until their passing
o Eldest male tells everyone what to do
o Clan is related by blood or marriage
• Surname
o Goes by last name
o It doesn’t matter what your name is, just who your family is o Introduce last name first: Khanchaleunh, Sakoona
• “Guadong” or Canton Province
o Where most immigrants came from
o Not a farming province
o Located on the harbor à༎ great for trade

o Even traded with Americans
o Not only a harbor port, but it was industrialized
o Makes the most of fireworks
o More industrialized and urban
o Cosmopolitan people à༎ Those that are very modern
o There was 1 century of overpopulation
§༊ The gov’t couldn’t support them financially
o Weren’t getting things b/c of unpaid taxes
o “Civil war”
o Jobs are the biggest problem
o Same thing as colonizing
o Europeans coming over to take over China and take over
o Chinese have tea and rice
o Europeans
§༊ Invaded the Canton province
§༊ Wanted trade
§༊ Takeover of warehouse
§༊ Very Successful

o Opium Wars
o Younger individuals assimilate to European culture
o Chinese that are forced to leave have actually kept their
culture better in US than in China
Opium Wars
o Gov’t and local clans are fighting
o Wars with Japan and Russia
o Leads to deaths
§༊ Actually helping overpopulation
o There were 2 tsunamis
o Destroys everything, European property as well as Chinese
o In China overall, floods and drought
o Rice, tea, and opium need water
§༊ If too much water, it’s destroyed
o No food
o Trading was ceased
Gum Saan à༎ “Gold Mountain”
o Gold was the main reason they came to US
§༊ Workers were needed in California
§༊ Us even promoted this idea of gold themselves
Return Migration
o Sent someone who only stayed in US for a short period of
o Goal was to save money and return to China
o Chinese were different
o Plan:
§༊ Allowed them to stay for 5 years
§༊ Meet their wives for the first time
§༊ Over next few months, get her pregnant
§༊ Go back to America and work for 5 more years
§༊ Goes on for about 30 years
o Never in one place

o Constantly moving or in motion
Bachelor Society
o There were no family members in CA
o Heads of clan sent more members over
o Formed the most crazy family
o Typical
§༊ male
§༊ young
o In America, bachelor society in CA
o Chinese men will have sexual relations with whites
§༊ Idea of rape the white women
o ethnic enclave
o Chinatown, San Francisco, CA
o Barely populated in CA
o Spanish
o Chinese settle in one place, hold dominant population
o ghetto
o WASPs are nearby the water to trade
o Chinatown is in the middle of San Francisco
The Six Companies/ Kongsi
o 6 families/ companies
o Importing and exporting goods and services
o also importing/ exporting Chinese
o In China, these friends from clans form an agreement that
one person will represent their clan in company
o When one person from company arrives in CA, he will go to
warehouse and pledge his allegiance
o Company will assist
o In case company needs something, they will send somewhere
o Eldest male communicates with this company
o What happens in China happens in Chinatown
o 6 companies don't like each other
o 6 companies control everything
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Society

o Known as Tongs
o Outside of 6 companies
o Help Chinese
§༊ Not everyone was part of the 6 Companies
o Known as Tong
o Form own societies
o Help each other out- jobs, money
o Pay a lot of money to 6 Companies to go back to China
o Because 6 Companies do not control Tongs, gain reputation
as criminals
§༊ California- “den of sin”- nothing illegal

Tongs made sure prostitution,...
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