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Topics: Leadership, Management, Charismatic authority Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: October 20, 2014

AED 301 Week 2 Notes:
Quote of the day (9/2/14): “You must stick to your convictions, but be ready to abandon your assumptions.” – Denis WaitleyAgency: authority or credibility. Transactional-- Transformational Leadership Continuum

Laissez- Faire Leadership Transactional Leadership Transformational Leadership (Hands off, Less Regulation) (Mandating Tasks, People More Passive) (Exchange, Communal, Leader & Followers have agency)

General absence of leadership Exchange orientated Process orientated. A tells Leader has little/no agency A tells B what to do B what to do, work A tells B what to do, and B B has very little say. Together & can exchange Has no say, just does it. rolls if necessary.

Transformational Leadership
Raises the motivation and morality of both followers and leaders within organizations. Draw on charisma to build trust
Fuses individual identities into collective identity.

Leadership Factors
Idealized Influence
Leader model values through decisions and actions
Leaderships engage followers through both charisma and merit Actors adopt and model the values projected
Inspirational Motivation
Leaders articulated a vision that is optimistic and compelling Leaders draw on communication skills that make the vision understandable, precise, powerful, and engaging. Followers become committed to the vision

Intellectual Stimulation:
Leaders encourage followers to be creative and innovative
Leaders promote the pushing of boundaries and disruptive efforts Leaders tolerate and, in some cases, celebrate failure.
Individualized Consideration
Leaders are attentive to the individual needs of followers
Leaders are...
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