A Wrong Gender Perception

Topics: Woman, Gender, Marriage Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: September 1, 2013
A Wrong Gender Perception

Generally, ‘Perception’ refers to a mental organization; it is based on an accepted way of interpretation of something to which the person concerned has given some thought or could attach some past experience or could relate some emotions. Our perception on a subject usually decides our approach towards it; also it has substantial influence over the decisions we take on any relevant matter. Perceptual Constancy can mold a definite tendency for the person’s interpretation. We come to know about a person’s perception only when he expresses an opinion or lets it be known through some other action. Whether openly expressed or not, a perception can lead a person towards a certain decision even without his being aware of it. Dr. Nutan Thakur, a social activist has highlighted a male perception that can easily play havoc in delivering justice to the women, as follows: (Dr Nutan Thakur is the Editor, Nutan Satta Pravah; Secretary, Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS), Convener, National RTI Forum; Coordinator Indian Public Academy, Lucknow # 94155-34525 E-mail: nutanthakurlko@yahoo.in)

"I present a live case before u. It started with my putting forth a small statement - "A Lt General accused of molesting a Colonel's wife is thrown out of Army. Ye kya ho raha hai?” on the social networking site Facebook. To this there were different answers but the one that really stunned me was from a friend whose view was that- " No man can molest a woman, and that too a married woman of force ... NEVER, without her willing consent". He also says that - "I have always observed ... that this type of stupid behavior is common in love affairs.” It is this statement by an otherwise learned and sober person that I want to present before you all for discussion and opinion making. To me the person who made the statement is not important, nor is my idea to criticize him or to dissect his...
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