Topics: Psychology, Perception, Mind Pages: 3 (533 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Gortia Ferguson

How does the process of perception limit our view or expand it? Can we choose how to perceive things?

Perception may be defined an “immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities.” Perception is a human quality and characteristic that is embedded within each individual from the moment they can think independently. Every perception is different but can be similar and that is what makes each person uniquely different. Our personality, character, upbringing, education and even geographical location determine our cognitive behavior where perception is concerned.

Most times, perception is usually active where the concept of right and wrong is concerned. It challenges each individual’s ethical and moral principles against societies. Perception can either limit our view on life and what revolves around us or it can expand it. The ability to be innovative depends on the magnitude of our perception, and how big our perception is depends largely on our open-minded to change, adapt, build and grow in knowledge.

Our level of education also determines how each individual perceives things, but more importantly, its how we’re educated is where true perception lies. Education can either be constructive or destructive, and since knowledge filters down from the top to the bottom in every nation and culture, then it means that every perception is good whether it may be good or bad.

We as people determine the gray areas of right and wrong, and since we as people are different even if we’re born as twins, then one nation can cause war and think they’re doing something right because it justifies their cause, while others are programmed to perceive deeper and may find that particular reason unjustifiable to commit inhumane acts or atrocities; whether it be treason, black marketing, financial embezzlement or others. The transformation of the stone age to the information age and now the...
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