A Wrinkle in Time Review

Topics: A Wrinkle in Time, Charles Wallace Murry, Meg Murry Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: December 10, 2010
Sci-Fi Book Review
A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine Lengle is an adventure packed story about a high-school girl named Meg Murry who is accompanied by her intellegant brother Charles Wallace and friend Calvin O'Keefe on a quest to find her father. At the beginning of the book, you are introduced to Meg who is troubled by personal insecurities and her concern for her father. Meg is always getting in trouble at school for talking back and giving attitude to her teachers, and her mom is concerned. On one dark and rainy evening, Mrs. Whatsit appears at Megs house, at first Meg is very sceptical about Mrs. Whatsit, but Charles Wallace explains that she was a very nice lady. During Mrs Whatsits stay she suprises Meg's mother by reassuring her of the existence of a tesseract, a sort of "wrinkle" in space and time. Meg is confused about what a tesseract is, but Meg's mother says that she will explain it to her another time. The following afternoon Meg and Charles walk over to Mrs. Whatsit's Cabin, and on the way they run into Calvin O'Keefe, a popular boy at Meg's school. When arriving to the house the kids are introduced to two of Mrs. Whatsit's friends, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which. They explain to the kids that the universe is in danger by a great evil called the Dark Thing and it takes the form of a giant cloud, destroying everything around it. Among the stars that are being engulfed by the Dark Thing is Camazotz, the planet on which Mr. Murry is imprisoned. The three Mrs. W's teleport the children to Camazotz and explain to them that they must remain always with each other while on their quest for Mr. Murry. On Camazotz, everything appears exactly alike because the whole planet must be equal, says IT, a giant disembodied brain. Charles Wallace tries to confront IT with his exceptional intelligence but is overpowered by the evil and is put into a zombie-like trance, saying what ever IT tells him. Charles leads Meg and Calvin to Mr. Murry and together they try to...
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