A World Without the Internet

Topics: Mobile phone, English-language films, 2004 singles Pages: 1 (461 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Life without the internet is a good thing?
No internet is a good thing. The internet is the most important, integral and ingenious invention known to the modern world. As a population we have developed our understanding of it until we have finally become dependent on it. Imagine a life without the internet. Imagine this utopia… I know what you’re thinking. How would I research for your history project? Apply for a job? And how am I meant to talk to my friends without my Facebook account? I believe that life without the internet would make the world today a lot fitter, more knowledgeable and a lot more sociable and I am here to tell you why I believe this. I believe that going back in time and using the old fashioned way of research like books and library’s would benefit us as humans greatly. We would all have a wider range of knowledge as well as eliminating one of the major sources of plagiarism. I believe that students would have a broader understanding of the world and its history due to sifting through many books to find the information that is needed instead of typing it into the internet and having the information awarded to you without having to look for it. This change would also mean the would be a lot less coping and pasting meaning people may retain information easier as a result of having to write things out for themselves. There would also be a massive change in the way we communicate if all mobile phones and the internet disappeared. This would result in everyone having better social because communities would have to talk to each other face to face rather than everyone hiding behind a computer screen. Linking into this I believe that our nation would all be fitter by the reason of having to visit friends instead of emailing or ringing and playing outside more instead of games on the internet. Following on from this, many identity theft crimes take place on the internet, meaning the internet can be very unsafe. Bank details wouldn’t be at risk as...
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